Musical Monday – The Only Way I Hear American Pop

Posted by SaraG on July 26, 2021


The title of this post is a lie, but not like a HUUUUGE lie. I hear some Western pop from my spawn and, you know, wandering in stores when music is playing. But unless I already know the artist well and intentionally seek out what they’ve done recently, I don’t typically hear it. I am woefully behind on super popular songs in English. I’d say it’s because I’m old, but that’s not the reason. I don’t hear them because I almost exclusively stream my tunes and I only listen to the stuff I want to listen to…and for the last absurd number of years, that was largely Korean. 

One obvious exception to having heard the American tunes everyone raved about a few months to a few years ago are all of the fab covers our Kpop Idols put out on a pretty regular basis. During the last couple of weeks, several of us have been spending a ton of quality time with SF9 in a quest to spend more minutes with some solid biases, support their most recent comeback (it’s FABULOUS), and help a friend fall more deeply for this group of quirky, talented, and completely lovable young men. 

And we all know that when you pay particular attention to something or someone on YouTube, the algorithm thinks you want to spend EVEN more time with it, and you get all the links – the old standbys and the brand spanking new. Today, Taeyang and Hwiyoung graced us with a cover to tickle us pink, Peaches by Justin Beiber. I am not a Belieber, but I’m also not a hater. While I don’t ever throw him on for a listen, I do recognize that some of his songs are incredibly catchy and probably super fun to sing and dance to. Watching Taeyang and Hwiyoung work their way through the song and the set was one of the highlights of my musical day. I dare you not to smile back at them when they’re grinning like that.  

Peached, Taeyang (ft. Hwiyoung)

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  • Reply Stephanie July 26, 2021 at 7:56 pm

    KPOP LOVES THIS SONG. I’ve seen clips of so many idols singing versions (censored versions). Currently my access to US songs are either covers (that I don’t know are covers) and background songs from the newest Insta Reel trend.

    PS. I never remember this guys name, I affectionately tease Alix by calling him ‘The Hot One”

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