Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Overload

Posted by SaraG on July 29, 2021


This past weekend was my wedding anniversary and my husband and I did a bit of a staycation away from the house and the kids. We went to an interactive VanGogh exhibit, an Itchy-O and Church Fire concert (huge, spaced out, outdoor venue) where we ran into friends we haven’t seen since pre-COVID, stayed in a fancy-schmancy hotel downtown, ate late-night pizza, and shopped at a favorite bookstore in their new location. We wrapped up the weekend at a great little date spot called the Inventing Room where the owner/chef does all sorts of cool sciencey things to candy and you get to sample it all and then eat a liquid nitrogen made ice cream sundae. It was incredibly fun and I highly recommend the experience as a whole, but in particular that last bit with the candy.

But be prepared, it’s an absurd amount of sugar. 

And that, my friends, is how you transition to one of your fav songs on a Throwback post. 

Kim Wooseok, or known to many as Wooshin from Up10tion, has been working as a solo artist since his stint on Produce and short time in X-1 before the voting scandal destroyed the project group. I am always extremely apprehensive when I hear that an idol, particularly one that was previously in a group, decides to become go solo. It’s a completely different experience and they aren’t always equipped to manage both the pressure of having to do it all (sing, dance, potentially rap, etc.) and to manage it all mentally without the support of the other members carrying some of the burden. But, some of them surprise me. Some of them are made to be solo. Some of them kill it. 

Kim Wooseok is one of those idols. I miss him in Up10tion, but to be honest, he was on hiatus so long because of the other scandal in his life (something about people thinking he touched a female idol’s boob while hosting a music show but it was a camera angle thing and totally not something he did) that it doesn’t actually bother me that much that he isn’t in the group anymore – unlike the other member that should definitely go back. Wooseok has consistently been in my top 50 list since going solo and every comeback has been fantastic. When the song Sugar was being teased, I was afraid it was going to be a bit too cute for my listening taste, but despite the sprinkles and pastel colors, it absolutely sits in my sweet spot. Pun super intended. Wooseok looks all cold city boy and he has a habit of showing his annoyance on his face more than he shows his joy – resting bothered face? – but trust me, he’s a charmer. He’s sweet, sexy, funny, smart, and super talented. And he has great taste in music – at least great taste in the music he chooses to perform…I can’t actually speak to the music he listens to.

Though I assume it’s great.

 Sugar, Kim Wooseok


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