Khottie of the Week: Ateez’s Seonghwa

Posted by Stephanie on August 1, 2021

Khottie of the Week

I was really feeling Kpop this week. There are those weeks where there are other things you listen to, like podcasts, or sports, or in my case, listening to people reading reddit feeds aloud. This week though, with lots of things going on, I was FEELING it. I was listening to playlists, watching videos, catching up on recommendations, and last night on a date with our lovely SaraG, we did a throwback to Friday Night Gatherings where we ate food, caught up, laughed until we were hoarse, and then piled into her basement where she plied me with all the new music she thought I’d enjoy. One of the groups I was particularly enjoying this week was ATEEZ. I like so much of their music, they are actually the one group where I own ALL of their albums, and yet I don’t pay too much attention to them. That really needs to change.

SO I’m happy to announce, this week’s Khottie? The majestic creature that is Park Seonghwa of Ateez!

I think we can all agree.


All pointy angles and deep stares.

He’s like a perfect specimen of beauty.

Here’s the thing though…

He’s also talented!

He’s not just in ATEEZ because he’s a visual.

Seonghwa is a great vocalist and, surprisingly a rapper.

He’s been able to step in and cover for Mingi during his absence.

Even better though, in their last (and first) Japanese release, they actually wrote rap lines for him so it fits his voice rather than it just being verses he’s covering.

It makes a difference and in turn makes him more effective.

Talent and a perfect face?

Yeesh, no wonder he’s so many people’s bias in the group.

Actually, mid pandemic even SaraG fell for his charms, falling for him over her previous bias, Yeosang.

Does that mean that Seonghwa is an ultimate bias wrecker?

He was in my top list for the group.

However, I decided not to have a bias in ATEEZ.

Keeping myself free to love everyone equally.

Does that really work though?

Or am I just pretending my sneaky adoration for Yunho doesn’t exist?

I will say, outside of BTS, ATEEZ has some really strong fanfic writers working for them.

I won’t say I’ve spent a lot of time reading their fanfic obsessively.

I will also say, I’m a liar.

But with material like this, can you blame all those writers (and readers) for being inspired?

Not me!


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