Musical Monday – Mondays Call For Something Darker

Posted by SaraG on August 2, 2021


When I first woke up this morning I was waffling all over the place thinking about what I wanted to write about for Musical Monday. You see, I’m super excited for the Golcha and Astro comebacks (which happen the day I post this, but a few days after I write it), and the ONF and The Boyz comebacks that land shortly after that, and a whole host of others in the next few weeks. It’s not that everything that came out this week wasn’t worth swooning over, surely, but I woke up with these thoughts. It was my subconscious leading me down this path. I cannot be blamed for not remembering how full my plate was. 

But then, when I sat down at my computer and after I watched Nu’est celebrate Baekho’s birthday and Yoo Yeon Seok do a very damp photoshoot for a diver watch, I remembered that yes, I WAS super excited about some stuff that came out this week. In fact, rational, more awake me was extremely pleased that Dreamcatcher came back and the song, no, the whole album, was fantastic. Dreamcatcher has popped up on many of our top 50 lists over the years, but we don’t actually give them much attention on the blog…by we, I mean me since my daughter actually wrote about them when the rest of us were off galavanting in Korea. She did an excellent job talking about their musical and concept style and those apt words ring true today. Dreamcatcher is extremely remnicient of JPop/JRock and they continue to be on the strong, independent, and macabre side of the spectrum – which is all the more adorable because they were managed by Happyface Entertainment…heh…but that was quickly renamed Dreamcatcher Company.  

The group actually debuted in 2014 under the name MINX and after a couple of songs, they announced a re-debut under the new moniker with two additional members in 2015. Over the intervening years, they have consistently put out fantastic Korean and Japanese music and repeatedly had some of the best styling and music video concepts for those of us that enjoy a little horror in our musical palate. And here they go again, making it even harder for me to choose which of their songs to put on my top 50 at the end of this year with another killer title track, BEcause on their EP Summer Holiday. 

BEcause, Dreamcatcher

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    I had no idea they were around for so long!

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