The BL Buddy Quiz with Junior McFeeley!

Posted by Stephanie on August 3, 2021


My recent obsession is Instagram Reels. I will click that button and presto time disappears. Just five more minutes. Just five more reels. Then an hour is gone. This is how I know I could never be trusted with TicTok. Its fun to see what random things Instagrams thinks I’ll be interested in. There are sometimes though, that the algorithm is right on and you wonder “HOW DID IT KNOW??” Like when BL first started popping up. How? (Answer is probably the fact I follow a couple of BL accounts.) This little quiz popped up that you’re supposed to take with a BL watching friend to see how your tastes work out together. Unfortunately, my upcoming visit to the McFeeleys fell through and one of the things I’d looked forward to was talking in person about BL to Junior McFeeley, who during lockdown became a big fan. We were going to go on vacation, the parents were going to lock the two fans in a room where we’d both act like the teenager she is and we’d squeee and chat our favorite shows, actors, couples…you know everything that goes along with being a super fan of something.

So, I figured, if we can’t do that, we might as well do this quiz together! I asked Junior McFeeley to answer the questions and I DID NOT cheat! I’m going to fill in my own answers, then copy in hers, and see where we meeting up!

Stephanie: Saint. Love him. Though I’m feeling like its going to be doubtful if he comes back to BL.

Junior McFeeley: Ohm Pawat (Not the guy from UWMA)

Stephanie: MAX TUL!

Junior McFeeley: RamKing

Stephanie’s Note: HAHAHAHA we went at this question from different angles. Junior McFeeley with a couple in a show and I with a popular actor pairing. This made me laugh out loud so I’m not going to change my answer. 

Stephanie: Golden Blood

Junior McFeeley: Make it Right 2 I guess? I’m not watching the b e s t shows right now…

Stephanie: This is a hard one as there are so many options! King/Ram of My Engineer? Pure/Folk of My Gear and Your Gown? Or, reaching back into time… Jack/Zhao Li An of History 3: Trapped? SO HARD. I’m going to go Pure/Folk of My Gear and Your Gown as their relationship was so good and felt mature.

Junior McFeeley: Still RamKing😂

Stephanie: Just Friends (Movie)

Junior McFeeley: TharnType

Stephanie: Like In The Movies Last year’s Filipino drama with its bittersweet yet hopeful ending? Touched my heart.

Junior McFeeley: Until We Meet Again

Stephanie: Manner of Death. Which already happened. So noting but downhill from here? (Just kidding!)

Junior McFeeley: Either My Engineer 2 or Between Us


Sooooo our tastes don’t really meet up, which is hilarious and I’m even more bummed I can’t go to visit so we can talk this through. Junior McFeeley! Don’t move onto another obsession until I have a chance to get there, okay?

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