Khottie of the Week: Not Rocky

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Ever have that thing where you think you totally know a member of the group? You’re like, I don’t really know that group but I do know So and So. For me, the group is Astro and the member was Rocky. He is so distinctive, I can’t help but be able to pick him out of a picture or a performance with a smug nod… that’s Rocky. That Rocky, he’s so dreamy…. Turns out? Not Rocky. Now whenever I see this mystery man, my brain immediately goes Rocky! And then a beat later, I correct myself, nope, Not Rocky. The joke is, his name now is officially Not Rocky. Who’s that? Oh, that’s Not Rocky. (Followed by, that other one that’s Not Rocky Either.)

The mystery man? MOONBIN.

Moonbin of Astro.

No idea how it came to be that I learned him to be Rocky.

Its not like I had an affinity to the real Rocky.

Once I go, nope, he’s not Rocky.

And that Not Rocky Either is not Rocky.

I have no idea who the real Rocky is.

I want to give myself credit for knowing that there WAS a Rocky.

But I think at this point, I do not deserve any credit.

Negative credit.

I even watched their online concert with Alix and… it didn’t sink in.

I’m happy to say though, this weekend I spent some quality time with Astro.

I solidly know Not Rocky is Not Rocky at all, but Moonbin.

Isn’t that the nicest name?


Who is apparently quite the flowerboy.

I find him enchanting.

I’ve spent the weekend swooning over him.

I love him when he’s all hot and edgy.

I love him when he’s soft and cute.

I love him when he’s serving serious boy next door looks.

Also, I’m happy to say, I can now name most of Astro.

No, I can’t pick them out of a lineup yet.

My knowing them is the equivalent of fanchanting their names.

But considering just Friday the sum total of my Astro knowledge was…

Not Rocky.

Not Rocky Either.

Someone has got to be Rocky.

And Cha Eunwoo….

I think I’ve really gotten somewhere.

Thanks, Moonbin (And my Astro-loving friends) for putting up with me while I fixed this grievous error.

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