Musical Monday – Following the Bunny Trail

Posted by SaraG on August 9, 2021


I’ve mentioned previously that I like to follow the trail of who or what the people I like to listen to are listening to. I want to know who they are interested in, inspired by, or working with because that is a prime way of finding out who I am going to fall in love with next. I have oodles of affection for all of the posses, crews, and groups out there that were formed to support each other before they got big, to collaborate with on an ongoing basis, or to back each other up in a diss track or a street fight. 

I made that last bit up, but I can assume that’s true. 

Sometimes, as artists grow in popularity, get a bit more money, and are able to stretch into other areas of interest, these collectives turn into more formal business encompassing many or all aspects of the creation of an album – from music writing and production to photography and video making. You’ve likely heard of the Far East Movement and if you’ve been reading this site for any stretch of time, you’re all caught up on the Dream Project Regime (DPR). But another label born from a music crew is You.Will.Knovv, founded by Dean in 2017. The artists managed by the group include the likes of Dean himself and several of the og Club Eskimo performers from back in the day including Miso (Maddox’s sister) and Rad Museum as well as the highly regarded newcomers Tabber and Mokyo. 

Cleverly, the artists on the label have a long game, planning out musical releases to include snippets of what’s coming next from another performer, giving stages for sneak peek performances of up and coming releases, paying tribute to each other’s future productions. If you’re really paying attention, you can get a taste of what’s to come and piece together the future of the Korean indie scene months or years in advance of actually getting to hear the songs. It’s fascinating. And super enjoyable. And way above my head most of the time. 

But that’s ok…more than ok…because I also happen to just simply love the music that’s come from this label. For instance, Rad Museum’s two-track single that dropped earlier this week is a commentary on the inequities in our current society made over brilliant upbeat hip-hop with a fab feature on each track. AirDrop, featuring Wonstein is on my potential top 50 for 2021 already. It’s incredible in its thick, uncomfortable message and easy listening and enjoyable music. Such a beautiful pairing of finger-pointing upset and accessibility.  

AirDrop, Rad Museum (ft. Wonstein) 

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