Throwback (Musical) Thursday – I Adore a Good Interview

Posted by SaraG on August 12, 2021


Ok, we ALL love Jessi. Even if we don’t love Jessi, we love Jessi. She is so incredibly real and raw and American there is no other option. I heard once that Americans are like the golden retrievers of the world, and Jessi is the perfect example of that. She’s loud, comes right up in your face, has a lot of hair, and after only a few minutes spent watching her, you’re kind of in worship mode. For me though, this viewer/performer relationship isn’t about the music. Her tunes are cool. She’s insanely talented. But I don’t have her on any sort of regular rotation. I get my solid Jessi time through her YouTube interview program Showterview. 

Oh My God, it’s the best. I have rarely laughed so hard in my life as I do in almost every single episode. Let me set the stage, our bold and brash Jessi conducts fast-paced and often somewhat ridiculous interviews with actor/host Jo Jung Shik by her side. Guests range from incredibly seasoned actors to darling, beloved idols – some well versed in Jessi’s style and others lacking even the slightest clue of what they’re getting into. Trust me, everybody shines under her tropical glow.

I’m sharing with you all the very first episode that I ever saw, but to be perfectly clear here, all of them are good, you can start anywhere and end up everywhere in extremely short order. I swear to all that is good and pure, I have recommended episodes to everyone I love and aside from KpopontheDL, who sent this ep to me, and my mom who is game to watch anything I recommend, NOBODY has followed me down this path. 

Have I EVER let you down? No? Please watch.

You can find a complete guest list on the MyDramaList show page and pick whomever you want to start with. Just, do me a favor, start. 

Showterview Ep. 38 with Choi Minho

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