K-T-C-Hottie of the Week: WayV

Posted by Stephanie on August 15, 2021

Khottie of the Week

I may have fallen in love this week. Ours is a multicultural love. While this is a very new love, we’ve known of each other for a while. You know the whole “Friends of Friends” sort of relationship. Then one of them caught my eye. And then another. And then… well I was hooked. Almost like it was a premeditated plan. Like they were playing the long game and now I’m caught in their love web.

That Love is WayV.

Yep, one of the offshoots of NCT.

The only one that didn’t get the NCT moniker.

I knew some of their songs.

Even own an album of theirs.

But I never really paid that much attention to them.

Like oh yeah, we’re totally friends, but never really sat down and had a real heart to heart?


So what changed?

This week, I was house-sitting for Ms. Former Khottie Queen Alix and realized that around her house is a giant dead zone where my phone loses all service. (Thanks T-Mobile)

Recently, I’d finally ripped all my albums to my computer for the purpose of putting them on my phone for times like this. Handy.

Every day, while walking the dog, I’d switch to listening to an album whenever I hit that deadzone.

We all listen to songs.

The newest of whoever put out a video.


But how often do we actually listen to the whole album?

Hate to say, for me, not often.

So I set out to actually listen to all these albums I’ve been purchasing.

Slowly and surely, I was making it through the queue.

Then one day, I had this realization, “Hey. I love this WayV album way more than I liked the last NCT albums. Maybe we should spend some time getting to know each other.”

I told SaraG of the new tingling feelings and she fully supported.

Apparently, she’s been waiting for someone to dive headfirst into this tumble of men.

I told her I was her girl.

I mean, I already had a massive thing for Ten.

And the newest surprise obsession was Lucas.

Then watching some NCT videos, I said howdy-do to YangYang.

What’s a few more?

So I don’t know them all yet.

Like I said, our love is very fresh and new.

But I’m going to learn.

I now know all of the names of the members which is leaps ahead of where I was just a week ago.

And then while working out today, I saw this, and I knew they wanted me to love them too.

Isn’t it nice how things work out like that?

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