Ji Chang Wook Ready To Return to Work

Posted by Stephanie on August 17, 2021

Casting News

I learned some very interesting things today:

  1. Ji Chang Wook signed up for and started filming a new Netflix show.
  2. Ji Chang Wook got COVID.
  3. Ji Chang has recovered from his COVID and is headed back to set.

How did I not know any of this?

It’s a lot to process. First, it’s so alarming how many people and now actors and idols are getting COVID now. I hope the rollout of their vaccine goes well and they can get the outbreak under control. I also hope they have a better vaccine turnout than we do. I hope all the people we know and love stay safe and healthy… and those people we don’t know do the same.

Second. Let’s celebrate that he seems to have recovered nicely and is talking about going back to work. Luckily, the rest of his cast didn’t also catch it, so after being on break while he recovered, they can all get back to work. Big hugs, Ji Chang Wook, we hope COVID and quarantine weren’t too awful for you.

Third. Let’s start talking about his new show! Like I said, it’s a Netflix show, which means you know it’s going to be solid quality, with plenty of budget to be sharp and interesting. The show is called The Sound of Magic. Here’s a pretty terrible synopsis from Mydramalist.

Yoon Ah Yi is a high school student, but she supports herself and her younger sister by working part-time jobs. She doesn’t know where her parents are. Her father was driven away from home because of debt collectors and her mother then left home. Even with her poor financial situation, she is able to rank near the top at her school academically. She also has a pretty appearance. Yoon Ah Yi wants to become an adult as soon as possible to have a stable job. Meanwhile, her classmate is Na Il Deung. He regularly competes with Yoon Ah Yi to receive the top grade, but they begin to have feelings for each other. One day, Yoon Ah Yi meets magician Lee Eul at an abandoned amusement park. He puts on magic shows to people who tell him they believe in magic. He is a mysterious person, but he comforts Yoon Ah Yi, who told him that she believes in magic.

Luckily, we’ve been able to glean some more information out there which will tell us a bit about the part that Ji Chang Wook plays. Of course, he is the mysterious magician who, while she wants to quickly become an adult, he would do anything to stay young. He hides his pain in tattoos and avoids tough things because SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE IF YOU READ THIS YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW, he’s a hospice patient.

Now I that I’ve read all this, I am pretty sure I remember reading about this show, saw that, and went….naaaaaw I’m out. Unless you are the hugest of huge Ji Chang Wook fan, own stock in Kleenex, or are just a masochist, why would you want to watch this show? Sure, the potential to see Ji Chang Wook shirtless and covered in tattoos is very tempting, but something tells me that shit is going to find its way to the internet without having to watch the show. No way.

So, hey Ji Chang Wook, happy you’re healthy. Happy you’re going back to work, but maybe next time you want to choose a show that’s not put out there for the sole purpose of stomping your fans’ hearts to bits?

Just a thought.


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