Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Knock Knock….Who’s There?

Posted by SaraG on August 19, 2021


Last week I asked Val and Stephanie what I should do for the Throwback post because I was bit all over the place. When I didn’t hear anything back right away, I started watching random YouTube stuff to “catch up” on what I had missed and that’s how the Showterview post came about. This week, faced with a similar challenge, I again put the request into the chat room ether for inspiration. And it worked! 

You see, in case you have completely missed it, one of my hobbies is throwing groups at people over and over again until they fall in love. I also quite enjoy being on the receiving end of this blessed game of catch and becoming more familiar with groups friends think I’ll enjoy or groups they are in love with so I can be obnoxiously supportive. 

Astro was a group that I did not immediately fall in love with…like an SF9 or a Stray Kids. I mean, I recognized immediately that they are crazy talented and super fun, the members are a joy and their chemistry and charm are undeniable. But my dance card is frequently insanely full and I didn’t feel enough immediate connection to make space for them right away. I DID, however, take the time many moons ago to learn them and watch a ton of their content because KpopontheDL and Alix were so in love with them in that swoony, Victorian lady kind of way. I couldn’t NOT be a part of that. So I am very well versed in their catalog of music as well as many of their variety appearances and YouTube shows. For someone I’m not insanely connected to, I have spent an inordinate amount of time with them and I regret nothing. 

I’ve lost track of the weeks, but what seems like a month or two ago, Alix and I were tucked into my basement with an excited and overwhelmed Val as she learned and fell in love with SF9. It was an easy evolution of emotion from curiosity to complete enchantment and she had them solidly down in very short order. As part of this process of exploring new groups and picking out favs, I’ve noticed that Val loves herself some dancers…and long hair. She quite enjoyed watching Taeyang and Hwiyoung and their incredible performance skills. HOW COULD I NOT THEN SHOW HER ROCKY AND MOONBIN? 

So I did. And then she spent time with them. And then we spent more time with them with Stephanie. And then Val and Stephanie spent EVEN MORE time with them. And new relationships were formed. 

My work here is done.

/brushes off hands

Knock, Astro

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