Kpop Craft Fair!

Posted by Stephanie on August 24, 2021


This weekend Liz, Val, and I took our Kpop Crafting from amateur to professional by taking part in the Kpop Craft Fair….okay, so technically it was the Kpop Buy/Sell/Swap put on by the Colorado Kpop Group, but we made crafts, we sold crafts, so it counts! What did we make? Well, a while back Liz and I made Kpop candles for the friend group for Christmas. When the notices for tables went out for the event, this is what Liz settled on. And who can blame her, they are as cute as a button!

Luckily, after my plans to go to Vermont to the McFeeley’s fell through, Liz accepted my enthusiastic help with her project. It was great to have that bit of fun to focus my energy on and we banged out candle after candle. There were several times where Liz had to talk me down off that ledge, making more than we could possibly sell.

We used a variety of programs to come up with the labels and designs, each one a little bit different.

Late into the night Friday before the fair, we were de-gooing, printing, and cutting labels… trying to think of everything we might need to bring with us. Our motto? Better to overpack than under! (You should have seen how full we packed Liz’s car when we took the road trip out west.)

The next day, after another stop, to pick up more candles (we couldn’t help ourselves!) we met up with Val to set up our joint table. Our area was in the back, but right against a wall so it was perfect for us. We set about setting up.

Did we sell any? We sure did! It was so exciting. I thought I’d forgotten how to Customer Service but turns out, once a retail worker, always a retail worker. We chatted up the people who popped by, talking biases, groups, and fandoms. Both Val and I were thrilled to find someone as excited about A.C.E as we were and if we weren’t so scared about the rise of COVID in our state, we would have invited her to our upcoming A.C.E party. (Oh, you better believe there will be a post on that epic crazy coming.)

By the end, we gave away small candles to all the people who had booths as those weren’t as popular as the tall candles, but happy to say we’re fairly certain we broke even. Which in crafting, isn’t that the best? We even have a couple of special orders to whip up for someone!

Anyway, we had a great time, making them, selling them, and just spending the day with old friends and new chatting about one of our favorite things… Kpop.

And if you’re wondering what Kpop Craft Val makes? She does Kpop themed pottery! She’s going to start an online store soon (again, you’d better believe we’ll have a post on that too when she’s done!) and it’s just the cutest. She makes ornaments, dishes, finger heart bud vases, magnets, and the most popular thing at the market, key chains!

I know I might be a little biased here, but I think we out-crafted ourselves this time!

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