Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Intentional Distraction

Posted by SaraG on August 26, 2021


Not gonna lie, it’s not been an easy couple of weeks recently and it will continue to be challenging for the next month, or year, or decade in a way that has me thinking about talking to a professional to check in on my toolbox of coping mechanisms. I’m usually fabulous at coping, I work out and run very regularly, I have the best support network of family and friends, and I can pretty easily shut down my work brain the moment I declare it to be the end of the business day. This is a practiced skill that came with years of good books, crazy excellent music, and dramas and podcasts galore. I also drink, but we’ll not explore that one too deeply for now. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided that one way I would distract myself from the fairly brutal tasks I have to accomplish lately and the near-constant vitriol of people not wanting to be in the pandemic anymore (as if it’s our fault they didn’t get their vaccine and Delta got control of the situation) was to fall in love with, or at least learn, a few new groups. I’ve kind of been clinging to the same ones for the last few years and while there is nothing wrong with that at all, I feel ready to open up to the possibility of a mutually beneficial and nurturing relationship with some new idols. After a false start where I fell back in love with Seventeen in a crazy obsessive way, I actually took the time to re-acquaint myself with WEi – fabulous – and then stumbled again into some Golcha, the Boyz, and ONF variety. It couldn’t be helped with all of the great comebacks. 

But then, on the heels of a convo with Alix, I decided to learn P1Harmony. It made sense, they’re SF9’s baby brother group so I’m familiar with their trajectory and the type of variety they’re likely to do, Alix has already picked out which one I’ll fall in love with (this woman knows my type particularly well), and with only six members – all of whom are pretty distinctive and delightful – they’re very easy to digest. So I consumed them. 

They have been learned and are well on their way to integrating themselves into my daily vernacular. Now to just sit back and – potentially – fall in love. It’s certainly not a requirement for me to be in love with groups that I adore, but it’s also not a rare happenstance. Sometimes it just takes time and exposure – both of which I am willing to invest if it means the bliss of being completely oblivious to the world around for even 4 minutes at a shot. 

Siren, P1Harmony

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    Also, I can’t imagine you clinging to anyone, Who dis? Oh, Sara is gonna know. 😉

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