BL and Bubbles the August/September Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 31, 2021


If you’ve been following along, you’ll notice I didn’t do a BL and Bubbles calendar update for August. Why? Did BL and Bubbles cease to be? Did we get bored? Did the tapioca shortage finally reach Denver? None of those things! Whew! No, I went to write my post at the beginning of last month and realized…there wasn’t a lot coming out. I think I had three and since that was super lame, I decided to meld August with September and do a post on Currently Airing and Upcoming BL shows. Now looking at the list, it’s a good thing I did as there isn’t a lot coming out in September, but August is now packed with shows we’ve missed. What is going on???

I think it is a couple of things. 1) I think we are in a bit of a drama dry patch. Nothing to be scared about, it happened last year around the same time, I’m guessing they are holding the real good stuff for later on in the year. It’s okay, it allows us to catch up on some of the shows we couldn’t watch when the BLs were coming at us fast and furiously. 2) I don’t think these things really follow a real predetermined schedule. Probably due to the fact that they aren’t on network programming, so why should they? They release when they are ready with very little notice. What do they care? It’s not like we’re not going to watch it.

So, I guess that being said, we’ll not stress about schedules and having the most complete list, we’re just going to have to sit back and wait for the shows to pop up.

Catching up on what we watched and are watching, you’ll notice we are a little slower than usual, considering this is a post that spans two months, but there was some summertime vacation in there.

Currently Watching

Nothing! Yikes! The last couple of weekends we’ve focused on cleaning up our currently watching list, and anything we did start was pretty short and we finished it quickly.

Completed shows. 

The Best Story – Loved it. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t have a completely happy ending, however, I’m very satisfied with it. I’ll also say these actors are really good and if they were to come out with a sequel or heck another show, (besides the upcoming Love Engineer), I would totally be in for it.
Be Loved In House – This was cute. Not one of my favorite Taiwanese shows, I think it got a little lost in the end. These two are super cute together and they needed to have more screen time once they got together. That last episode? Where the whole thing takes place in the past showing the relationship with the ex-boyfriend??? That should have been worked into the rest of the drama and the ‘special episode’ should have been them being cute together. I mean, that’s what we were all there for, right?
My Lascivious Boss – Actually one of the better Vietnamese BLs. This is not to say it’s a good one…because its not…what it is though is good soapy fun.
Man Who Defies the World Of BL – Tiny little stories of people instantly meeting and falling in love as told by a man who is frantically trying to avoid the same fate. Some may say that his story came together too quickly, but I think that falls within the spirit of the show.
Stuck on You – Ugh. Solid pass on this one.
Golden Blood – This ended up being better than I expected it would be… though I hated the “six years in the future time jump” and I think that Gun should stick to non-serious shows. Whenever he tried to express…anything beyond his normal facial expression he just looked…pained. And not in the way angsty way he should have. Boat did a pretty good job, I’d check him out in another show.
Nitiman – While I didn’t love how Jin treated BBomb, this show was cute, cute, cute! I’d totally recommend it.
Inn Love – This show was a lot cuter than I thought it was going to be. It helped a lot that they had the hot male lead take of his shirt at least once an episode.

July 30th

Simply Don’t – 6 Eps

This is the story of a man who loves both his current lover and his best friend. How can he get through his predicament of loving them both when they are equal in his heart? Who will he sacrifice?

Will We Watch? If it came across our plates, we probably wouldn’t say no, but I can’t imagine we’re going to go out looking for it.


August 8th

Don’t Say No The Series

“If I am that right person for you then from now on, you can’t say no to me.” From friends to lovers. How will this relationship go, when one is a good guy but the other one is a bad boy. Is it possible to turn a bad boy into a lover?

Will we watch? ABSOLUTELY! We’ll probably be starting it next weekend. (Due to unexpected house guests, we probably won’t be able to watch this weekend.)


August 16th

Love Beneath the Stars – 6 Eps

After that kiss in the field, Dominic and Luke are now entering a new stage in their relationship. But being in a same-sex relationship in an all-boys catholic school is never meant to be easy. The pressure from their friends, their parents, and the school prove to be insurmountable obstacles for a relationship destined by the stars. Despite all that life throws at them, Dominic and Luke try to be strong and keep their love going.

Sequel to movie The Boy Foretold by the Stars.

Will we watch? Awww this looks cute. I bet we’d watch it if we got our hands on the original one. 


August 28th

Love Is – 10 Eps

A story about six individuals – Lemuel, Omeng, Vladimir, Epoy, Inton, and Shakespeare navigating their own separate lives but having their destinies intertwined through strange twists of fate that are mostly out of their control. Will all six boys still have a chance at a happy ending?

Will we watch? If we can! We enjoy the Filipino shows but have yet to watch one this year that really hits us, so I’m looking forward in continuing our search.


August 29th

Bite Me 10 Eps

Chef Eua, runner-up to The Chef Master, can’t win against the champion. As he tries to figure out what he’s missing, he loses his focus on cooking. He never expected that missing piece would be discovered in an ordinary delivery boy, Ake, who hides extraordinary skills.

Will we watch? Oooh this one has been on the TBW list since we saw the first teaser for it. 


August 30th

Peach of Time – 10 Eps

Peach, a 22-year old Thai boy, takes a daring step in his life and decides to fly to Korea to meet his online Korean friend, Yun Oh.

Everything seems perfect for Peach. He finally realized his dream! On top of that, as he stays in his friend’s house, the two can finally be together. But something just doesn’t seem right. Sung Suk, Yun Oh’s mother, seems to be cautious and reserved in Peach’s presence. She is harsh with her son and Peach soon realizes that the two do not get along well.

Willing to help his friend, Peach takes matters in his own hands and tries to mend the strained relationship. He just wants Yun Oh to be happy… and if he can make it happen, he will! But what is that weird feeling in Peach’s heart? Does he like Yun Oh…?

Will we watch? Ummmm I was very excited for this but a lot of places are saying this is a sad show. Am I ready for a sad show? Perhaps we’ll wait for it to end and see. 

Who am I kidding? I love that giant Thai puppy that is Jimmy, so I’m not certain how I’ll resist this. 

7 Project -7 Eps

‘Seven Project’ is about seven different couples, whose stories were inspired by seven different songs.

‘Would You Be My Love’ – Ozone transferred to a boarding school, but that’s not all bad since there he meets a boy named Sun.
‘Once Upon A Time’ – Mek opens his heart again by meeting Balloon, but with many conditions. Won’t one of the parties get tired?
‘VS Love’ – Phupha, a mischievous boy that no one who gets into and his life has invaded by Tonnam, a scholar who has just entered the school.

Will we watch? SAMANTHA THE ULTIMATE BL FRIEND IN A GL???? Heck yeah, we’re going to watch! Also looking forward to some of the other couples. I hope it’s like Y-Destiny where you don’t have to watch every episode for the whole thing to make sense. 

September 24th

The Tasty Florida

Hae Won, a freshman college student who is very suspicious of the guesthouse where he lives in. If you follow the guests leading up to the rooftop, you will find Florida Banjeom, a rooftop Chinese restaurant with a full view of Seoul and with four handsome workers. When Hae Won’s mind is absorbed from the sound of eating jajangmyeon. Hae Won’s heart flutters when he sees Eun Gyu hitting his hand! Crackle~ Tak tak~ Hae Won and Eun Gyu’s breathtaking romance begins.

Will we watch? Looking forward to it! I feel like this is Chinese restaurant version of Antique Bakery…or Coffee Prince. I’m in. 



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