Throwback (Musical) Thursday – smooches

Posted by SaraG on September 2, 2021


I love a good “If these two kpop groups had a baby” descriptors of newly debuted artists. I know it’s silly, but it really is a great way of giving me an idea of what to expect. I read somewhere of Purple kiss, the newish RBW group, that if Dreamcatcher and (G)I-dle had a baby, this would be it exactly. And they were not wrong. 


The seven-member group is a self-producing unit – involved in writing, choreo, and other elements of their stages. They had two pre-debut releases in 2020 but were officially presented to the world in March of 2021 with their EP Into Violet. Like many groups these days, the members were all part of a YouTube reality series highlighting trainees at their agency which included all seven members and several others that were not ultimately included. Personally, I love this approach as it gives folks time to fall in love with the individuals before they’re all glossy and covered with the adoration of the masses…it’s relationship building for them as a group and for us as a fandom. 

Ponzona, the second track on the debut EP, was actually written by the members as trainees for a monthly evaluation. If RBW knows anything, it’s how to put on a huge theatrical stage or encourage their artists to do the same – see Mamamoo, Oneus, and Onewe – and this group is no exception. This particular company has a great reputation for being super supportive and respectful of its artists and giving them credit for the incredible amount of effort they put into their work. I am super excited to see where they go from here. 

Ponzona, Purple Kiss

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  • Reply Stephanie September 2, 2021 at 7:35 pm

    OMG now I’ll I’m wondering is who I want to have a Kpop baby???

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