Chottie of the Week: NCT/WayV’s WinWin!

Posted by Stephanie on September 5, 2021

Khottie of the Week

I’m going to try very hard not to make the very easy joke about how this hottie post is a win….win. Hopefully, by putting it out there, right at the top, it’s going to remove all need to pun it. Perhaps it will be a little easier if we focus on his actual name, Dong Sicheng. Nope. It’s there. the urge is there it is real and may just be overwhelming all other thoughts.

So, not a win.

Winwin was not who I sat down to do for Khottie this week.

But, turns out? Yangyang is TWENTY.


And the other person I moved to turns out had a bit of a scandal last month, sooo…Imma pass on him for a while.

I decided to go back to WayV, and there he was, WinWin.

When I was first trying to learn WinWin, back when he was only part of NCT.

His fun nickname was Pillow Lips.

Not sure why we focused on that?


Nope, not ringing a bell.

We love that he’s found a home with WayV.

I want to say he was part of 127 for a hot second, but I’m not certain if my NCT knowledge reaches back that far for real or if I’m just remembering him as part of an NCT U pairing.

I remember back in the day, on those friday nights back on SaraG’s couch.

All of us watching videos or variety shows and watching really early NCT Youtube.

As WinWin was Chinese, he did struggle a bit at the beginning.

But now, years later, and with being added into the Chinese-based WayV, has really helped.

I’ve been trying to watch more kpop while on the exercise bike…

realizing that watching Strictly Dumpling food videos was a little counterproductive…

and this popped up.

Man, I’d forgotten about this.

They are so freaking talented in song and dance.

Feel free to watch again, we’ll wait.

The new rules going down in China are pretty worrisome for the future of WayV.

Locking down fandom culture was the first move and turns out, not the worst in the pipeline.

It absolutely looks like pop is being targeted.

And for a group that was made to cater to the Chinese audience?

Uhoh. But we’ll continue to keep our fingers crossed.

Because Pillow Lips deserves a platform where he’s going to shine.

It’s a Win Win for us all.



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