Musical Monday: Writing Love

Posted by Stephanie on September 6, 2021


Friday I got a weird message from SaraG. She asked me if I wanted to write Monday’s Musical Monday post because A.C.E had just come out with their new release, and she had a hard time writing about her loves. As I love both SaraG AND A.C.E, of course, I would take them! It would be an honor! But then? I had to write about them and I find myself in the same spot that SaraG is in and now I curse her for this current predicament.

I love A.C.E so much. Some might say a troubling amount. I FOR REAL have a framed (and we’re not talking a poster frame we’re talking a NICE frame) poster of them in my living room. I may have paid a GROSS amount of money for one of their out of print albums. I may have spent their last online concert standing up in front of SaraG’s TV dancing, squeeing, and taking pictures….OF THE TV. I may or may not be planning a huge A.C.E party with my partner in crime Val, where we sit there and egg each other on for bigger and more elaborate decorations reminding ourselves that only FIVE people will be in attendance. (BTW, I don’t think we’ve said Fuck COVID enough lately here.)

I look at their pictures, I watch their videos, I follow their VLive and I feel good. They actually make me happier. I know I should probably be embarrassed to say that, but I’m not. They’ve come to me as I’ve struggled through some really hard times and if this is what I need to get me through? Hellz, bring on all the A.C.E merch I can get my hands on. I’ll leave it to future me can be embarrassed for myself.

So when we found out that a mere month (maybe a month and a half) after their last release, Siren: Dawn, they were coming back again? Well, I was concerned that they were pushing themselves too hard. It seemed like weird timing. When it was released that it was going to be a repackage? I settled down and figured, I’d just enjoy the new pictures, and a new song, the timing was weird, but whatever. Then the other shoe dropped. Wow is headed off to the military. There were some tears, not going to lie. Next, the real blow. Donghun is leaving the same month (September). Why was Donghun a shocker? We had all thought he’d already been to the military. We thought, well, at least we’ll always have Donghun.

I had set my hopes through COVID, everything was going to get better, I was going to figure out the weird medical thing going on, my reward for everything was the next A.C.E tour, I’d break loose my savings and would get tickets to all their venues. Yes, they are that important. But that’s not going to happen. A tour with a small group like A.C.E and TWO of their members missing? Even if they did come, it wouldn’t be the same. It was a fast one-two blow.

But then Changer: Dear Eris came out.

I just love this song so much. I love the concept. Everyone looks healthy and happy. This, in turn, makes me happy. Which is exactly what we want in a release from one of your bias groups, right? While I love their high-concept videos and albums? Turns out, looking at their videos, their songs, it’s actually the ones where they are regular guys enjoying life that are really my favorites. This year we have Charger, we had Down, last year’s Stand By You, their covers where it’s just them, a song, and a camera. Every time I watch, my heart melts just a little bit more.

So there, that wasn’t so hard now was it? Yes. Yes, it was. It’s hard to talk about your loves. To put that spotlight on it. To worry you’re not going to do justice to what it is that makes you love them. So maybe instead throw a party, invite your friends, and just try to infuse your love to others one group at a time.

A.C.E, Charger

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