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Posted by Stephanie on September 7, 2021


I’ve been seeing pictures of the upcoming Netflix drama, Squid Game. I’ve been seeing them and going…I should check that out. Seeing them, thinking that, and then moving on to something else. Today? I finally checked out the teaser, and let me tell you, I-Am-Stoked. This show looks like a horrific good time, something awful and creep, just in time for fall and hallowed. I can’t wait.

First off, let’s go directly to the trailer, so we can all be starting off with the same base-level excitement.

So you watch it? You excited?

While not an exactly unique premise, this is not your typical Kdrama. With the subject matter and the gore level, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Squid Game is a Netflix production. This also means that nothing is predictable, no one is safe, expect everything. While watching the teaser, I kept thinking of what movie it reminded me of, but there are so many! In previous Kdramas we have Liars Game, though no one was grossly murdered during that (I don’t think, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen the show). In movies, there are of course the Hunger Games series, and then there was a movie, I don’t think it was in English, about a reality show where you had to go and kill the person you were paired up against in that episode? I’m pretty sure the main character was a pregnant woman? Does anyone remember what movie I’m thinking of?

Anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter, what matters is, Squid Game went straight to the top of my TBW List with this teaser. Who are the people in the masks? How is there any way they are going to get out of this? Or is it one of those conclusions where no one makes it to the end? Plus I wonder when they spring it on them that there is murder involved? From the trailer it appears they give them an out at the beginning but drop the “You stay and win, you get sooooo much money” gambit. We know once they sign up they’re stuck, but at what point do they know? Is it at that moment where they are playing the red light/green light game? I’d think one look at the giant creepy baby and I’d be out.

I wonder if this is for some sort of reality show. What sort of world is the show set in? What’s the point unless it’s for ratings or some sort of sick experiment? I mean, it looks like a lot of money goes into this whole production.

My mind is currently wild with possibilities. Plus, who doesn’t love a good edge of your seats creepy show during the fall? Squid Game couldn’t be coming at a more perfect time. (Which is September 17th.) Though I will pout for a moment. I finally caved and payed for a Viki subscription…and then instantly began binging Netflix shows. Come on, brain, work with me here!

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