Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Celebrating Milestones in Kpop

Posted by SaraG on September 9, 2021


Having been established by Big Rhymer in 2011, Brand New Music turned ten years old this year. That’s not old, but that’s not young either. They’ve got a solid roster of solo artists and have successfully dipped their toes into the already teeming pool of boy groups with AB6ix. While definitely one of those labels we all pay attention to – whether we realize it or not – it actually has a pretty twisty-turny background that might not be as well known.

Big Rhymer, after having struggled to establish his own hip hop career after his debut in the 90’s, set up IC Entertainment in 2003. He changed the name to Brand New Production and then merged with Future Flow in 2009, changing the name again – this time to Brand New Stardom. In 2011, the two companies split and resulted in the creation of Stardom Entertainment and Brand New Music. 

The og roster included artists like Verbal Jint, Bumkey, and Swings and in 2012 they released the first of many company collab albums. Over the years we’ve seen big names like San.E, Kanto, KittiB, Hanhae, Eluphant come and go on the label, leaving their mark and shaping the catalog and reputation of the company. Through the ups and downs of hit records and drug scandals, the entertainment group has definitely established itself among the top 20 labels in the Korean music industry. 

In celebration of the last ten years, Brand New Music embarked on what they lovingly refer to as the Ten Project. Artists on the label are remaking the most popular songs released on the company. The project kicked off with the re-release of the song Good Morning by Verbal Jint and Hanhae featuring Wonstein in May of this year. As we relish the last few hot days of the summer and look forward to the cooler seasons, it’s the perfect time to throw on those summer songs and bask in the good memories of years past.

Good Morning, Verbal Jint and Hanhae (ft. Wonstein)

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