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Posted by Stephanie on September 10, 2021

Fun Friday

Ever go to a kpop store, go up to the Seventeen section all ready to buy, and go, “Yeah, but which of these do I already own? They all look so similar!” Or go to a Kpop swap and see tables upon tables of Monsta X albums, many I’m sure I don’t own but….what if I do? Those early ones all look the same! Then in both situations end up just not getting anything? (Well, let’s not go that far, we’ll buy something but we’re not going to get any closer to completing those collections of ours.) Wouldn’t it be nice if, at our fingertips, we knew exactly not only what albums we own but exactly what version of the album it is?

Well, the KLibrary app is here and ready to help!

The KLibrary was introduced to me a couple of weeks ago by friend and Kpop Reddit addict Leila who found an article about the KLibrary and passed it around to the group. Unfortunately for EVERYONE else in the group but me, the app was only available for Android so I volunteered to give it a try as 1) I love organizing, and 2) those examples above are always me. I never buy Seventeen albums anymore because I know I own some, but I can’t remember which ones they are.

I eagerly spent the next week populating my collection and here are the results and a general How To on the app.

Meet My Collection, this is what it’s going to start looking like once you begin populating your albums into the app.

This is NOT a fast process as there isn’t yet a database of options (apparently this is coming soon) you actually need to manually add in every single album and its information. It took some sleuthing to get the correct pictures and to figure out just what version it is you have as they aren’t usually written on the album itself. (Unless you know where, in that case, let me know!)

There’s the album version, and then, if you click PC, you can enter the information on the photo cards you received with that particular album! (I literally just figured out how to do that part tonight! So I’ll be trying this out later.)  Now if I were going to make any suggestion, I think they should add another line in here? Say who the member is? Wouldn’t that make sense? Then you could sort on how many Ten or Donghun cards you have.

Once you have your collection added you can change how they are displayed by adjusting how they are sorted, how many albums per row, and the shape of the pictures.

Once you’re done filling out your collection, time to dig into the next bonus of the app, tracking your wishlist and comebacks!

By clicking on the comebacks tab, it will take you to a list of the upcoming releases by all the kpop artists. If someone is announced but hadn’t given a release date, the creator marks it as TBD, however, after testing it with the newest A.C.E album, the app was updated with the correct date within 24 hours of the announcement from the management company.

Then if you see one you want you can either add an alert or add the album directly to your wish list.

The wishlist section lets you not only track upcoming releases but will allow you to add older albums you’re on the hunt for.


Another fun/horrifying feature lies in the settings function, the statistic button…

Here you’ll see the number of albums you’re on the hunt for and the number of albums you have already bought. (Gah, when I think of the money I’ve sunk into these things…. and I still have about 5 more albums left to log in!)

All in all, it’s a pretty cool app. Apparently, it was made by a programmer whose girlfriend is a Kpop fan. That might be the best part about this whole thing. As I’m an organizer, and I love projects like this, KLibrary was right up my alley and I loved filling it in. Downside, I’m seeing a lot of people not really enjoying or wanting to take the time to do that. The creators do list that they are working on a Kpop database, so maybe what I’m logging in is helping create that. My guess is that a lot of people, like my friends, will probably wait until that’s available before really using the app.

Oh, and SaraG had a great idea! Wouldn’t it be awesome if this thing was interactive? Like you could friend people on it, see what they have, what’s on their wishlist? I wanted to buy an album for SaraG over the weekend but I couldn’t remember what version of the new Seventeen album she had, I couldn’t figure it out online, and I ended up having to ask her before I bought it! (I cleverly covered my scheme by implying I wanted the same one she had.) It would make gift-giving for Kpop fans so much easier!

Android users, download your version here.

And don’t worry you friends of IPhone, they just released the ios version today!

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