CHottie of the Week: Seventeen’s The8

Posted by Stephanie on September 12, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Continuing to celebrate Seventeen, this week we have Chinese member, The8, otherwise properly known as Minghao. I’m here to say, I love both his names and can easily be found just repeating them over and over again. Minghaooooo. Minghaaaaaoooo. Minghao. It just rolls, doesn’t it?

Ever wonder how they come up with those stage names?

Seventeen has some fun ones, Woozi, S.Coups, Dino, I want to say Vernon, but I know that’s partially his real name, but The8?

For real, how did they come up with The8?


What boardroom existed where they got together and thought, yeah, let’s put a number in there.

Which one? How about 8?


You know what else I love about The8?

And/or Minghao?

I mean, besides his amazing dancing talent.

Seriously, did you see this song with him and Jun?

It makes sense that he’s plagued with back problems, him being so bendy and all.

But no, it’s not that.

It’s his neck.

That neck that could possibly be a million miles long.

I know, thanks to my stumpy little neck that makes all turtle necks look stupid, I have neck envy…

And The8 just plays right into that.

He’s like look at my neck…

Looooookkkkk at it…….

And even though I want to look away, I just can’t do it.

I just marvel at that majestic bit of genetics.

When he was styled with that mullet a few years back…

I feel Minghao, The8, was really responsible for kicking off that mullet crazy a few years back.

Or perhaps he was just one of the ones who did it best.

All do to the neck.

Did you check out the latest album?

He looked gooooood.

A fine example of Chotties just getting hotter as time goes on.

Can you just imagine what’s going to happen in a few years?

Can’t wait to find out!

And luckily, with Seventeen, I think we have a lot of years of new music to come so we have plenty of chances to watch.


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