Musical Monday – Hanging Chad Be Damned

Posted by SaraG on September 13, 2021


I love, love, love an unnecessary show of democracy when used as a promotional tool for something as universally adored as ATEEZ. As they’ve done in the past, prior to the release of their upcoming album, the group and their company are leaving it to their fandom, ATINY, to select which of two choices will be selected as the title track. It really is largely irrelevant because both songs will be released and we will, in short order, get both MVs, but it’s fun to feel a little involved in the process and to get a solid taste of both of the concepts being offered up. 

By the time you read this, assuming you don’t sneak into the backend of Stephanie’s blog and read it in advance, we will have ZERO: FEVER Part 3 if not in our hot little hands, at least available on our favorite streaming services. We’ll know which of the two contenders won the vote and we’ll have listened to both of the options and the other tracks on repeat at least three or four times. And if you haven’t…I guess you do you. We all have different priorities. 

It’s just a little suspect, that’s all. 

Anyway, lest we forget the biggest vote of 2021, I figure we should memorialize the candidates in their purest form – the performance teaser – on the site. Please take a gander, for posterity, at Deja Vu and Eternal Sunshine. 

I know which has/had my vote – hypothetically if not in the actual voting booth. 

Deja Vu Performance Preview, ATEEZ

Eternal Sunshine Performance Preview, ATEEZ

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  • Reply Stephanie September 13, 2021 at 9:10 pm

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA I don’t let myself cheat and pre-read.

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