Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Behind the Curtain

Posted by SaraG on September 16, 2021



I actually am not a super firm believer in the adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” In fact, I need little love letters and acknowledgments that our relationship is still important in order to stoke the embers of my passion – in real-world relationships and in my Kpop relationships. And boy-howdy is Kpop really good at this. We get oodles of content when new releases are set free into the world and with most of the big groups, we get nearly as much in between comebacks. There are several groups for which I will consume nearly every second they put out the moment it hits YouTube and some which put out so much there is no way in the world to ever keep up. But it’s there, waiting for that rainy afternoon when everyone else in the universe is busy, waiting for just the right moment for an epic binge. 

One of my favorite little love notes is behind the scenes and making sketches for music videos. We eat up the actual MV, we revel in the dance practice, the eye contact version, the suit version, etc., but those all still carry about them the aurora of the accepted and approved concept. The behind the scenes videos are where we get to see the goofy antics of the idols we are so used to experiencing as perfect. This is where we see them driving at 9mph in real life when it looks like 110mph in the scene, where we see them struggle to keep their faces just right when other members are making it impossible to do so, and where we see them roasting in their leather jackets when they’re supposed to be chic and cool. It’s humanizing and endearing. It allows us to feel like we are that much more a part of the process than we actually are.

As part of the release of their newest mini Your Choice, with the title track Ready to Love, Seventeen put out a special video for the song Anyone. To put it quite frankly, whole days have gone by where I have had THIS SONG on repeat during every moment I had available for music. This song, even without its sexy, cool, car racing video, may be one of my absolute best memories of 2021 so far. I shit you not. Add in the absolute delight that is the behind-the-scenes sketch and the ridiculousness of these 13 idols and it is no mistake that my love for them has been reborn like a god damned perennial. 

Keep blooming little flower, you have been thoroughly watered. 

Anyone – Special Video Behind Sketch, Seventeen

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