Khottie of the Week: NCT’s Kim Jungwoo

Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Funny story how Mr. Jungwoo was chosen for this week’s Khottie, sure, he’s cute, he’s adorable, he has a serious case of pillow lips, he’s in one of my high ranking groups but something pushed him over the top….

I received his photocard in the new NCT 127 Sticker album!

I’d meant to preorder Sticker.

While I haven’t love-loved an NCT 127 in a while, it’s one of those groups where I just became so attached to the members.

My ear stick cocks in attention whenever any version of them are mentioned.

Once the promotions for Sticker began with the early 2000’s college vibe styling…

I was a gonner.

They noticed my attention wandering and were like…nope, not today.

So I meant to order the album and yet… whoops. I forgot.

One picture from friend LizC reminded me of a very important fact…you can actually buy NCT at your local neighborhood Target now.

Oh, how far we kpop fans have come.

So yesterday I popped to my local neighborhood Target and there they were, sitting right on the electronics desk.

Not even with the other albums but front and center where everyone could see them as they walked by.

I didn’t walk by, I picked up my copy (carefully checking the seal to make sure none of the rat bastard photo card stealers had gotten to it yet.)  and made my purchase.

And when I opened it up, there he was, the innocent bean that is Kim Jungwoo.

I’ve been enamored with him for quite a while.

Probably since hearing about fans picking on him so much that he took a leave of absence for mental health concerns.

Poor egg, leave him alone, he is a DELIGHT.

He has one of these sweet childlike vibes to him…

While still being hot as heck.

I mean, I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned the pillow lips, right?

I think recently Jungwoo landed a variety show gig, or maybe it was hosting one of the music shows?

Either way, I’m glad to see him getting some spotlight.

A little solo time.

Anyway, I’m not disappointed in any way by my Jungwoo card, or the album, as (as expected) it is GORGEOUS.



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