Musical Monday – Should We, Shouldn’t We

Posted by SaraG on September 20, 2021


You may remember a few months ago when the Colorado friends all went a bit nuts and bought tickets to actual concerts in the hopes that by the time the dates rolled around, the world would be in a more open place and we would feel comfortable going. Well, the dates have arrived and things are just a bit more complicated than I was hoping. Though my friends and I are vaccinated, I have a kiddo that is under 12 and still not eligible. I’m faced with the great do I go or do I not dilemma. I work for a health department and am surrounded by experts and guidance all day every day. I don’t need input on what to do, I just have to, in partnership with my family, weigh and measure what level of risk we are willing to take until the youngest is in a less vulnerable state. 

I bring all of this up here because Miyavi is embarking on a world tour to promote his latest album and Denver is on the docket as an October stop. We have tickets. The album is great. I haven’t gotten to see Miyavi yet. Gahhhhh. Decisions, decisions. I think what we’ve landed on is that if the venue requires vaccination and masking, it’s worth the risk in support of our mental health – this is a hugely music-reliant household and we’ve had a rough time the last couple of years. But enough of my personal tribulations, let me repeat that Miyavi has a new album, Imaginary, with the title track New Gravity and the angels sang.

The track is pretty alt/JRock with a ton of distortion on Miyavi’s guitar and super-fast drums or a drum machine. The video is a crazy cool mix of fantastic contemporary effects, old computer graphics, and our samurai rock god doing his thing with awesome hair. It’s pretty fantastic really. I would give plenty of money to see him do it live…I have given money to see this…now I just hope it works out. 

Side note about the album, there is a track – a wonderful track – that is a collaboration with Kpop idol Kang Daniel. It’s pretty rad. The whole release is worth a listen. 

New Gravity, Miyavi

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