Cliffhanger…And Not The Usual Kind

Posted by Stephanie on September 21, 2021


Pretty sure, I don’t need to do anything but show you the poster for the upcoming tvN show, Cliffhanger and you’re first instinct will be “Stop right there, I’m in.” Or at least, that was MY first instinct!

Then, once I found out that this drama is about park rangers? Well, you’ve got me even deeper, well played. Don’t know if you know this about me, but after an epic road trip this spring with LizC where we attempted to cram in as many national and state parks as possible in a one-week time span, I came back with a bit of an addiction to parks and their rangers. I think it was the lava fields in Arizona where I heard a park ranger, in full park ranger uniform (including the dashing hat) talk about how he’d wanted to be a park ranger since he was a kid and went to college to do so, I fell in love. Sure, these rangers in Cliffhanger don’t appear to wear uniforms with dashing hats, but the desire to learn more about Korean rangers still remains.

The show is set to premiere October 23rd, which, in the land of dramas, is very far away, so we don’t have full tailers, just a couple of character introductions:

Jun Ji Hyun who plays top ranger Seo Yi Kang:

And Joo Ji Hoon who plays Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie park ranger who has a tragic past that involves the mountain they…ranger(?)

GAHHHH!!! First I was like, oooh it’s the hot guy from Kingdom seasons 1 and two! I love him and this makes me even more excited. But what puts this even more over the top? Where have we seen Jun Ji Hyun before? Guys. She was the mystery woman who jumped out at the end of Kingdom Season 2 and then further got her own spin-off special episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North! There is a Kingdom connection here and for some reason it’s driving me crazy. (In the best way.)

The plot is essentially them watching over Mount Jiri (Which is why the Korean name of the show is Jirisan which means Jiri Mountain.) With troublesome tourists, missing hikers, murder, mayhem, and if the poster has any truth, towering infernos of fire and angst. All things real rangers probably deal with on the daily!

I can’t wait for this show to start. October is a very long way away, but luckily, my drama watch card, while full at the moment, my attention is fickle and I can totally see myself shoving everything else I’m watching aside in order to pick this one up.

Yay Park Rangers!

Also, apparently, I wasn’t looking hard enough, because there IS a trailer!

I like how they make it look like it’s all a comedy at the beginning and then were like oh right, someone be murdering people here! Arrr…


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    oh yes! Sign me up! This looks good.

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