Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Vicious Debate

Posted by SaraG on September 23, 2021


I am human. I like to overindulge in all sorts of things – dramas, music, looking at beautiful people, and of course, food and drink. I will invent just about any excuse for a treat. But, I tend to prefer the more savory side of the kitchen over the sweet. I have a solid carb tooth. Having something like cupcakes in the house isn’t even really a temptation for me, but a box of pretzels will hardly last more than a day or two. I can give or take ice cream in general, but when the craving hits, I am a pillar of basic taste, gimme cookies and cream or mint chocolate or give me nothing. 

You haven’t been paying attention to Kpop at all if you haven’t taken note of or taken sides in the greatest debate of the last couple of years – the validity of mint chocolate as a flavor. It’s incredible how divisive this discourse has been, with tons of content and screen time as members of idol groups and solo artists take a firm stance on one side of the aisle or the other. It’s a rather refreshing argument to be having in a world where politics has trumped science in most other important areas. I do not need my musical talent, regardless of how intelligent and well-read they are, to be telling me anything about disease transmission or child welfare. I do, however, need them to let me know whether or not they think mint chocolate tastes too much like toothpaste to be enjoyable. 

It doesn’t.

Xydo and Ravi have made their stance in this, perhaps the most pivotal controversy of our age, incredibly clear. The song Mint Chocolate appeared on my 2020 top 50 list, not only because it’s a superb song – gorgeously highlighting Xydo’s perfect R&B voice and musical sensibility and showing off Ravi as the ideal rap feature – but because I simply adore that there exists such a perfect little song about this ultimate summer treat. Literally, the song is about rediscovering a wonderful flavor because a love interest encourages it. Don’t listen to the haters, mint chocolate is magnificent.

The MV is seriously just the pair of them on stools, Xydo singing his heart out and Ravi just eating ice cream between his little bits of the song. They are all pastel and soft, perfectly matching the song. It’s all just instant happiness. 

Mint Chocolate, Xydo ft. Ravi

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    Where do you FIND some of these things? This was adorable!

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