Khottie of the Week: Stray Kid’s Bangchan!

Posted by Stephanie on September 26, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Raise your hand if you’ve worked on Khottie today while watching the newest episode of Great British Bakeoff! Is there anything that says lazy fall Sunday like a pot on the stove bubbling apples into sauce, a neighborhood full of drunken Broncos fans, cozy British people baking, and looking up cute Korean boys on Pinterest? Classic fall!

Also classic?

Hot Kpop Leaders.

Of which Bangchan is one of them.


Historically known as he who was the base and creating member of Stray Kids.

So many fun things to know about him.

Birth name, Christopher Bang

Which makes sense, when you know one of the coolest things about him, he actually helms from Australia.

Don’t get excited those of you whose minds immediately went to no military service…

He was born in South Korea and moved to Australia when he was young.

Which means military service could still be a thing.

But let’s get back to the Australia thing.

What’s hotter than a Kpop leader?

That would be a Kpop leader with an Australian accent.

An Australian accident and naturally curly hair.

You could disagree…if you enjoy being wrong.

And you don’t seem like someone who is here to disagree with me.

But if I’m wrong, feel free to meet me outside.

Though maybe not with all those Broncos fans walking back to their cars after the game…

They’d probably hear about this fight….

Everyone out there would take sides…

And then we’d be in the middle of a huge rumble in downtown Denver.

Why don’t we just shake hands, agree I’m right and settle in for some Great British Bake Off?

You know.

Like civilized adults.

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