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Posted by Stephanie on October 8, 2021


As we head into another weekend (YAY), which is lately the time where I get in all of my drama watching, I reflect on my watching habits and what it is I’m currently (Slowly) working my way through.

I definitely have distinctive watching habits depending on exactly what week it is, having a week on, week off schedule and that is based around one thing: podcasting. As I hit the weekend I assess the next week. Is it a podcasting week? (This means the week that I record and edit the podcast which, now that I’m a solo rider, I do on a biweekly basis.) If it is, then I watch all of my new shows, things I’m watching for the very first time. Essentially that week I’m on duty, keeping up. Now, if the next week is a free week? Well, I consider it my free week to watch anything I want, including rewatching shows I’ve seen before. Or, to break it down further, podcast weeks I’m checking in with new hetero shows, and free weekends I’m rewatching BLs.


Now that I’m slowly getting into watching more shows, I find that my habits are changing. I’m slowly getting through shows, but I’m no longer that person who sits there and watches one show until it’s done and then move on to the next one. No, I actually have a lot of shows I’m currently watching. This is both good and bad. I have lots of things to keep me interested and stuff to talk about which is good. Bad side, with my attention span, I’m more apt to drift away from a show, starting a lot and finishing few.

I still count it as watching.

So, what am I watching? Well, the weekend was a free weekend, so I finally settled in to rewatch one of my favorite BLs of last year, We Best Love.

This show, actually told in season one (No 1 For You) an adversaries to lovers storyline set in college, and season two (Fighting Mr. Second) where we meet up with the pair, something has gone horribly wrong and they meet again after being apart for 5 years. Normally I wouldn’t love a storyline like this (the complete series), as I hate those lovers torn apart stories where they have to come back together years later… but when the show first came out, we didn’t actually know there was going to be a season two. And? I can say that season one does NOT end on a cliffhanger, the bad thing that happens, happens off-screen, sometime in between the two seasons. Is this the most well-written drama? No. Is it tremendously acted? Actually, its pretty solid. But all in all, I shouldn’t like this as much as I do, but I DO love this show. I remember Alix and I watched it as part of BL and Bubbles, we were hooked instantly binging each season in one night. Also, I distinctly remember harassing my coworker, 11:30 at night, just as we were finishing watching season 2. The text went something like this:

(Sorry, just realized its super late)

This is a coworker I’ve bonded over our love of LGBT content, and I was actually the one who twisted his arm, harping on him over and over again until he reluctantly started watching BL series (he hated watching series) until now he’s hooked and spends his time finding, downloading and polishing copies. Not only did he find better copies than what we’d cobbled together, he’d also watched the whole thing by Monday and shared his finds. (Don’t you love it when you’re right that someone is going to love something???)

Due to timing, I hadn’t yet been able to watch the copies he shared with me, and last weekend, that was it for me. I was ready…and I blew through the entire first season and the first episode of season two. (They are like 6 episodes). I look forward to being able to complete that, but as this is a ‘work weekend’, it’s going to have to wait until next weekend.

I’ve also been working on a big joint birthday party ValB and I are throwing ourselves. It’s A.C.E themed. We are going to be watching (and making all our friends watch) the A.C.E Siren concert while sitting in an overly A.C.E-themed decorated house. It’s a thing. (Don’t worry, pictures will be coming!) Since it requires a lot of crafting, I’m also spending a lot of free time putting a show on in the background that I’ve seen many times in order to keep an eye on that while still being productive. That show?

Love 020.

I know. It’s not good. The actress’s voice is crazy annoying. But Yang Yang is so pretty. And the way he looks at her throughout the show being all standoffish and cool? It’s now a go-to show in the background sort of drama. I can do what I need while periodically looking up and smiling at Yang Yang’s face. Sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me! (Do you guys have one of those shows?)

But this is a ‘work’ weekend. This means that next week I podcast and since it’s the episode where I’m specifically talking about what I’m watching I’d better, you know, watch something.

Now last weekend I actually finished a Japanese show I was working on, considering choosing another Japanese one, and then slapped my hand: FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE PICK UP A SHOW YOU’RE ACTUALLY WATCHING. So instead I busted out…

Go Go Squid!

This is no surprise if you saw this week’s Khottie of the Week, actual CHottie, Li Xian, star of Go Go Squid. Why am I watching this show? Li Xian. Actually, it was one I always MEANT to watch a couple years back when it first came out and everyone was going crazy over it, but I think I saw the 41 episodes and went….meh, pass. What changed now? Well, now I’m an addict to Instagram Reels and this show kept popping up and they just look SO CUTE TOGETHER. I can’t wait until I get there! Right now he’s all angry and cranky, and there is a lot of backstory about whatever happened in his pro-gaming past, he’s just a bundle of angst, but you can see that there is something about the heroine that is starting to pull him out of his shell and I’m here for that. Where I left it, she embarrassed herself and broke up their fake dating and she’s just wrecked, not realizing that he was starting to have feelings for her too. I’m really hoping that the separation isn’t long, but at 41 episodes, who knows where this thing is going to go. While I’m definitely more interested in his storyline than hers (probably because so far the focus very little on her), I could do with less of his history flashbacks. I don’t think they are necessary. The story could be told, and pretty much is, in the present time. Just let us know the terrible thing the captain of the team did and we can all move on and go home. That being said, I’m not saying forgive the captain for whatever awful he perpetrated — I’m with Han Shang Yan, someone wrongs you like that YOU CUT THEM OUT. It’s just how it’s done. So you hang on to your anger, little Anger Muffin. Just continue softening and being cute to the heroine and we’ll make it through this okay.

Though I swore I wasn’t going to start a new show, who am I kidding. It’s kind of my thing now. So a while back, while on the exercise bike, looking for something to watch, I stumbled on the Netflix show, The free Britany documentary. HAHAHA Okay, while untrue I watched it on the bike, I actually did watch it while working on last week’s Khottie and found it fascinating. No, the new show I picked up was:

You Are My Spring. 

Let me tell you. This show was not what I was anticipating. Sure it mentions stumbling on a murder in the description but the other parts of the description, the posters, the intro says cute romcom. I was all, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a cute rom-com, maybe I’ll pick it up. I’m two episodes in and so far? Two murders, one stalker, and general menace. There are parts of it that are cute, I’m actually enjoying the main characters, another drama of adults acting like adults, who are also a little weird and messed up, but the dark part of it is a surprise and the stalker lurking our heroine actually makes me a little uncomfortable. It’s a weird and interesting place to be in. So in this show, he’s a psychiatrist, she is a concierge manager for a super swank hotel. She moves into the top floor apartment (the best attic apartment EVER) where he just move his practice. He happened to move his practice there because it was once the location of a murder he was trying to help solve. (He works for the police.) He believes the killer to be the guy currently following around our heroine (who also has a dark and tragic past filled with possible murder). See? There’s a lot going on here and I really need to get back to it.

Speaking of getting back too…

Move To Heaven.

I’m literally two episodes away from the end of this drama. I had put a pause on it because it was during a rough time and was a little too…high tension for me. Now, what stops me from moving back to it? Ugh, I heard rumbles that there may be a second season and that the show ends on a cliffhanger. You know what I hate worse than a show ending on a cliffhanger? Nothing. Nothing is worse than that. But I’m TWO episodes away from the end. I’m officially so close I could taste it. And it tastes of blood and incoming grief. This show’s premise is so unique, it instantly caught my eye. And once I saw that Lee Ji Hoon was in it? Well, I was doubly in for it. The whole thing of the orphaned nephew with autism getting a guardian in the form of the just out-of-prison uncle he’d never met before. The pair must learn to live and work together as they run the death/crime scene cleanup business started by the son and his now-deceased dad. So many tears. Where I left it the uncle was about to do a very stupid thing for a very good reason, putting his developing relationship with his nephew, their business, and probably their home on the line. DON’T DO IT, UNCLE! Two more episodes. I can do it, right?

Speaking of shows I SHOULD watch.

Squid Game.

I did start this the other day, I got to the part where Gong Yoo pops up on my screen as a bad guy and I’m like gaaaahhh I can’t do this right now! And ended up switching to the rom-com turned murder mystery. Choices, man, choices. Anyway, I’m like 15 minutes into episode one but I know I need to suck it up and keep going as I’m out here ducking and weaving trying to avoid any spoilers. Who knew this was going to turn into a worldwide phenomenon, becoming Netflix’s number one show ever? HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN? So, while it won’t make me comfortable to watch, I hear its really good, and the longer I let it go the more chances I’m going to have the whole thing spoiled…though perhaps if I had some idea as to what was going to happen, perhaps I’d have an easier time watching it?

Now of course, as I mentioned in Tuesday’s post, Alix and I are back on schedule with BL and Bubbles, so this means we’re already scheduled to watch some of our shows tonight (Friday). We’re going to get out of work, eat snacks and watch BL. Since we are going to be watching so late in the evening, I’m guessing Bubble tea will not be a part of our ritual as it’s late and Alix can’t drink caffeine that late. (Not me though, I’m one of those weirds where I can drink caffeine at any point in the day and it does NOTHING. Woot-Woot.) But that’s okay, it just means I have more calories to waste on snacks. Mmmm… snacks. We’ve already put several shows on the schedule so it’s not really a surprise as to what we’re going to be watching.

Bite Me.

I’m absolutely liking this show more than Alix is, but that’s okay, we all have different tastes! The show about the #2 chief in the country taking a young cooking savant under his wing is slow. Like super slow. Crazy slow. There are no over-the-top sound effects often found in Bls, and when I say slow, it’s almost like you can hear them being lectured, “Okay, that, but move slower” like physically slower. For me, it makes the whole thing moody and wonderful but I can see how people can get irritated by it. We’re two episodes into this currently airing show and I resist the urge not to try and convince Alix to bing the whole thing. I don’t know where this show is going, but I don’t really care, I’m enjoying the (very slow ride) to get there.

Don’t Say No

I have some mixed feelings about this show. We watched episode zero, which was essentially explaining to use that this was a side couple in TharnType 2 and now they are getting their own series. I know we are supposed to think the one that’s in love with Type is angsty and sad, but ugh, his storyline of him trying to break TharnType up is just irritating and makes me not like him at all. I was afraid to start the show, but after watching episode one, I was actually pleasantly surprised. Not saying it’s going to say this way, but the episode was essentially ‘okay, you decided to date, now what you awkward weirdos’. And coming from it with that perspective was actually an interesting spin on the BL format. I can see this happening and I was totally relating to how awkward they were around each other. After that first episode under our belts, I’m hesitantly looking forward to the rest of it. Maybe.

Love Area

It’s interesting to be finally watching this show after the production had been put on hold so often. I think it hit the monthly update list before the show finally premiered for real. Not going to say I love this show, but it’s classic BL. Enemies to lovers. Poor boy/rich boy (who is temporarily poor due to a gambling addiction). I really hated the rich guy at first. Poor guy is just there trying to do his best, keep his head above water, and rich boy is ruining EVERYTHING. I had hoped that rich boy would be the distraction and caring neighbor would end up being poor boy’s love interest, but I’m not that lucky. Now the downside of Love Area is that apparently this DOES end of a cliffhanger and IS getting a season two. (Why BL, WHY do you need to have all these shows with season twos??)

We did start a couple of others last week, but we made the executive decision to hold off on those until they were done airing so we could binge them all at once, so this will open up some space on our dance card, to either watch another episode of one of the ones above or to try one of the other shows we’re watching.

Dude. Now that I think about it. Perhaps it’s Alix and BL and Bubbles fault that I now watch shows in chunks, dropping and picking back up! After a year and a half of watching shows on a weekly basis with her, its now become a learned habit! Anyway though. That’s a lot of shows to be watching or potentially watching. I’m going to try my hardest to watch a couple episodes of each, and NOT try a new show, but I’m not promising anything!


How about you? Watching anything good?

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