Jirisan! Still Looking Awesome!

Posted by Stephanie on October 12, 2021


With my schedule ramping up like crazy lately, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the lookout for the new upcoming shows and when I did, one jumped out at me AGAIN. Jirisan is the upcoming action drama written by Kim Eun Hee, who I think writes some of the most interesting and unique dramas out there. I want to say I’ve been keeping my eye out for this one, but after hearing about it the first time and being really excited, I pretty much forgot about it….as one does.

But we have new posters, new teasers, more info and I’m back in, baby!

First off, in an interview with the writer, she said that she was feeling low a while back, due to all the murder and mayhem she was writing. Looking back at her career, she’s got a lot of murder and mayhem going on in there. Even aside from the zombie horror shows, Kingdom (loved it), she’s got Signal (of which, did you know there is not only the Korean version but also Chinese, Thai and Japanese remakes? Also, I loved it), Three Days (watched it, it was pretty solid), Ghost (loved it), and Harvest Villa? (Didn’t like it but it follows the murderous theme.) I can totally understand how that would take a toll on one’s psyche. So she started a story about the healing qualities of being in the mountains.

Which sounds all well and good, but then after the teaser, you realize that Kim Eun Hee couldn’t help but take those calming, healing mountains and….Kim Eun Hee-ify it.

It makes one pause while choosing their next vacation spot. Where do we want to go on our holiday? Well, clearly not Jiri mountain, have you SEEN what takes place there? Maybe let’s just go to the beach.

She does ask an interesting question. If something bad happens on a mountain, who is going to come way out there to help you? Let me tell you, I have T-Mobile, I step one foot off a beaten path and there’s no cell service for me. Who ya gonna call? Nobody. Good luck with that.  So this is the story of the people who work as rangers who are in charge of helping people in trouble, finding people in trouble, and apparently hunting down killers while running from wildfires.

I hope that comes with some good benefits. Heath. Dental. 401K. Maybe some mental health services….

In other news that came out while I wasn’t watching, it looks like Jin from BTS is going to be doing a song for the OST. Dude. How did that even happen? How do you get one without all the others? How did they even get the one?? Does someone out there know someone who knows someone? Or could Jin be a fan of Kim Eun Hee’s previous shows and when this news was released he was like…have my agent call your agent, I want in?

As promised we also have some pretty good-looking posters. Here’s one with the full cast.

Yep, that whole thing screams calm, peaceful, and healing. Of course, it’s been a couple of years for all of us, perhaps we don’t actually know what that means anymore.

Now we have our angsty, mysterious past riddled, hero Joo Ji Hoon.

And our top ranger heroine, Jun Ji Hyun.

I want to say I’m not going to forget about this show again, but the 23rd is soooo far away. I’m going to guess I will, BUT then one day I’ll be cruising Viki looking for yet another show to start and will instantly cheer, possibly happy dance, and then will settle in to catch up on the episodes I missed since it started.

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