Musical Monday – Again and Again

Posted by SaraG on October 18, 2021


Back in early 2019, I was super excited to see the trio TREI finalllllly debut. Two of the members, Jaejun and Changhyun had released a pre-debut track that I completely fell for, and in 2018 they added Juntae and his fantastic vocals to the mix. They were going to be and really were a fantastic addition to the Kpop world. I even wrote a post all about their debut song Gravity, watched their youtube content religiously, and purchased the debut album on a trip to Korea. That poor little bugger sits on my shelf surrounded by countless Nu’est, ATEEZ, and Seventeen albums all sad and alone because the debut was the one and only release TREI was afforded. The promising trio left Banana Culture in the midst of the company’s apparent implosion and split ways with each other in June of 2020.

This week, however, just as I’ve started to really get invested in Wild Idol and keeping my eye on the status of all of these hard-working and persistent debuted idols and trainees – Jaejun included – I caught wind of some late-breaking news that warmed my little heart. Jaejun and Juntae have come back as the duo JT & Marcus with the song Dear You. 

The video for the digital single is a lovely trek through a forested and craggy beachside area following a beautiful woman as she preens and poses – probably for our singers. It’s a gorgeous setting and a decent song, but I would have loved to have seen a glimpse of our members. I can only assume they were off filming things (like Wild Idol) when their new company, MLD Entertainment, decided to film the MV and put out the release. 

It really is fantastic to see these two out there trying, again and again, to make it in this incredibly competitive and unforgiving industry. They are just as talented and as good-looking and droves of other idols that have made it to at least and somewhat comfortable level of stardom and they deserve it no less. Now I’d like to see Changhyun put something out so my little TREI fangirl heart can sleep peacefully at night. 

Dear You, JT & Marcus


  • Reply Stephanie October 18, 2021 at 7:37 pm

    I feel like I ask this every time their name comes up, but did we see them in Korea? Also, this song is AWESOME!

    • Reply SaraG October 18, 2021 at 8:18 pm

      We did not. I WANTED to but they were on the other music program and not the one we saw. It was late in their promotions.

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