Taecyeon, Bringing Joy

Posted by Stephanie on October 20, 2021


Today when I went to work I was greeted by a message from my coworker who fell in love with Asian Dramas during COVID. She’s like any newbie out there just burning through them with the fervor…of an Asian Drama newbie. You remember this. We were all there. Anyway, Maria said: I just finished Cinderella’s Sister and I think you’d really like it. First off I commended her for watching older dramas (after looking it up, the show is from 2010), then as I kept looking into the show, I was shocked to see that Taecyeon was in Cinderella’s Sister. Man, that must have been one of his first dramas! Which reminded me about how much I like Taek, which reminded me…doesn’t he have a show coming out soon?

It was a winding mind path, but finally, I landed here on Taecyeon’s new drama, Secret Royal Inspector Joy.

Now, I’d seen Secret Royal Inspector Joy pop up in my feeds before, but as with most historicals that don’t involve zombies, I see it, and then just keep on moving. Saeguks just don’t do it for me. But after being reminded of Taecyeon and wanting to see what he was up to, I gave the teasers a try and surprisingly? They made me laugh out loud.

Secret Royal Inspector Joy is about a historical day foodie who gets roped into becoming a secret royal inspector, sent off to find and solve crime and the spunky divorced woman he ropes into coming with him. The divorced part caught my attention as it’s interesting to think of historical divorce and the idea of having a lead character be divorced. (I’m guessing if this ends up being a romance and he has a wealthy mom, she is NOT going to be pleased with a divorced girlfriend.)

This first teaser doesn’t really say much, more of an atmosphere shot…

Both of them, looking cool, people around them running from or running to something…

This though, this was the first teaser that made me laugh as I watched it before I even knew much about the plot of the show.

Essentially, he’s trying to convince her to come with him, that they’ll protect each other, then she offs an assassin and he is then pretty sure she needs to be assigned to his team.

In this teaser apparently, he is trying to solve a crime, shouts out the whodunit, but places the blame on the actual victim, and when she reminds him of that fact he’s all….I meant the person BEHIND that guy…who was the kid.

Ooohhh I getcha now, so he’s a dumb-dumb? Really roped into being an investigator, probably because he has a wealthy/high-status family?

Anyway, something tells me this is going to be a great role for Taecyeon! I mean, I know I saw him in the teasers for a total of 30 seconds MAYBE, but he seems pretty comfortable in the role. Can you believe he’s been acting for at least 11 years now? YIKES how time goes by quickly!

Has anyone out there seen Cinderella’s Sister? Should I check it out? Maria said it’s a real tear-jerker!

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