Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Full Brain

Posted by SaraG on October 21, 2021


My brain is so full of all of the new stuff coming out, the albums I’m waiting for, concert tickets stacking up, and future fun, it’s hard to think of a throwback group or song that I haven’t already done recently or blathered on about ad nauseam on the site. I’m just going to drop this link below and see if you can guess who got tickets to the tour in December. 

Not gonna brag, but…It’s me. And Alix. 

I know I’ve written about VeriVery recently, but that just goes to show how exciting and fitting it was to have them be the first Kpop concert we see as we continue to transition through the subsequent waves of the pandemic and learn how to function in this brave new world. It’s perfect and I am perfectly happy with it. I cannot wait to hear so many of their songs live and in person. I cannot wait to see their razor-sharp choreo and watch their sublime chemistry as members.

Gah, things are looking up and I feel like this might help me recharge my personal batteries and fill that empty emotional well.

Lay Back, VeriVery

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  • Reply Stephanie October 21, 2021 at 8:42 pm

    So glad the first Ktour is one that you both bonded with over! Its like a nice little thank you.

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