Musical Monday – A Man With A Few Years

Posted by SaraG on October 25, 2021


Honestly, there are two directions I could go with this post. First, we could chat about how post-military idols are simply killing it these days and that there is something super special about how someone with years of experience and maturity presents themselves with comfortable confidence that we don’t get with the younger set. Or, second, we could touch base on the fact that entertainment companies have a type that speaks specifically to each individual fan. Meaning, if you like a group from a certain company, you are more likely to enjoy other groups from that same company or fall for their solo work just as hard as their group releases.

All this being laid out, Nam Woo Hyun, the main vocalist and lead dancer for Woollim Entertainment’s group Infinite, has eleven years as an idol under his belt and it’s incredibly evident in his recent solo EP With. The title track Calm & Passion is a fantastic mid-tempo dance number with heavy enough bass to keep your head bobbing and smooth enough to kind of slide down your skin, raising some goosebumps on the way. His gorgeous vocals carry the song and the MV features both his dance and acting skills beautifully. As this came out just weeks after discharge from his mandatory service, I can only imagine the amount of time and practice he has been putting in behind closed doors while he carried out those last few months as a nine to fiver. 

As I’ve matured in my Kpop fandom and grown familiar and comfortable with what I prefer as a listener and viewer, I have to say, Woollim Entertainment has done a pretty good job in matching those requirements. I worship the very ground a Pledis idol treads upon and a Woolliim artist isn’t that far behind. There is a certain something that each label looks for when they scoop up and grow trainees, a personality type, a physical characteristic, a feel. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m going like the push and pull dynamic the members of groups on these companies have, the chemistry they share with each other and with their fans, and the kind of biting humor, teasing, and sarcasm they make obvious to the world. Not all idols are allowed to be so open about how hard it is to live together, work together, and exist together ALL THE TIME. Pledis and Woollim idols not only share some of the trials and tribulations in interviews and on variety shows, but it’s so much a part of their image that we as fans understand the dynamics of their members in a way not afforded to us with most groups. It’s humanizing and for me, forges a much stronger bond. 

Calm & Passion, Nam Woo Hyun

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