Throwback (Musical) Thursday – They Got It

Posted by SaraG on November 4, 2021


There is an absolute glut of new and impressive groups popping up all over the place. I’ve been pretty focused on some comfy and familiar safe spaces, but I, as I’ve written about a few times lately, feel the need to familiarize myself and look for the spark with some of the nugus in an attempt to be prepared for when my current loves go into the military one by one in the coming months/years. Having a young group around would really bolster my sense of security and deepen my cache of content for any anticipated droughts. 

One of the groups I’ve spent some time with and have thoroughly enjoyed as very early in their career idols is EPEX. The group, formerly the C9Rookies, is, obviously, on C9 Entertainment. The eight-member group is, as most groups now, made up of a smattering of trainees and former survival show contestants. They’re young, like, young young – their oldest member not yet even twenty. But this shouldn’t put you off. They are incredibly talented and as their skills have developed from debut EP to the second release in their somewhat questionably themed series, they are showing an incredible amount of growth. That being said, what has attracted me to them as a group really lay in the limited amount of variety I’ve watched. They are playful and teasing with each other, bickering and poking fun, but when it comes to interacting with the wider world, they are shy and inexperienced. They’re working so hard to find their footing and willing to set aside ego for experience and exposure. They want this thing called success and they want it hard. 

Their debut title track is a song called Lock Down. While I find it somewhat generic as far as current trends in debuting groups are concerned, it shows a lot of potential in skill and ability. Don’t get me wrong, the song has some great moments of interest, I’m just more impressed with the bits that show me what they’re really capable of than I am with what they were given to work with this first time out of the gate. They have a couple of members in there that are going to blow us away one day. I promise. 

Lock Down, EPEX

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    I have never heard of them before! Funny/Unfunny how some just slip past you

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