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Posted by SaraG on November 8, 2021


Way back in the day when I was imbibing in serious amounts of Road to Kingdom with KpopontheDL, we started to really pay attention to a rookie group named TOO. The group has ten members and was put together following the elimination show To Be World Klass. On RtK, they showed all the due respect for senior idols, oohed and ahhed with the rest of us at performances, cried at tributes, and were altogether super charming. I knew I was a goner for this lovable group. 

Unfortunately, not long after the show, the two management companies in control of their combined destinies got into a bit of a dispute, effectively putting the group on hiatus until they could figure their stuff out. Ultimately, TOO was able to come back with the name TO1 and under the management of WakeOne Entertainment, a subsidiary of CJ ENM. And come back they did. They’ve shown multiple concepts on the releases they’ve pumped out this year and last year and have worked super hard to make up for the lost time and halting of their nugu momentum. 

This past week, they released their second EP Re:AIize with the title track No More X. All six tracks (there are seven really, but one is just the English version of the title track so I consider that a repeat) are solid and very enjoyable. Though there are bits of No More X entirely reminiscent of NCT’s Baby Don’t Stop, as properly recognized by Val, it’s a solid track with a fun, vampire-y video. They are incredible dancers and vocalists and have a solid rap line, so there isn’t much they can’t do. This concept allowed them to present themselves aged up, with even the maknae line looking adult and capable. 

So, while I may have lost some steam during their absence, they are working their bums off to make up for it, and frankly, I approve. Welcome back to the fold, friends. I’ll be paying close attention. 

No More X, T01

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  • Reply Stephanie November 8, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    Oooh everyone just looks….moist. I’m a fan

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