Packing For Vacation (Entertainment Wise)

Posted by Stephanie on November 10, 2021


If you didn’t know this, we were supposed to be going to Thailand this month. That was the plan. It was a good plan. Perhaps, looking back now, it was a farfetched, optimistic, and naive plan, but it was a plan. Of course, then delta arrived, Thailand hasn’t really opened back up and we had to sit back and decide if the limited experience we’d best case scenario get to have would be the one we’d ultimately want. We decided no, though sad, we were going to push those plans to next year. Instead, we all decided that we needed time to chill and relax, possibly on a beach where we wouldn’t have to think about anything but sunscreen and what we’re going to watch/read next.

So we’re going to Mexico! Don’t worry, I’ll have some posts prewritten and ValB has graciously offered to step in and helm some content for you…yay! This means all I have to worry about this next week is…what exactly AM I going to watch and read next?? Time to decide.

Now, it falls under separate categories. Watching/Reading. Reading is easy enough, I’ve downloaded some books, I have a paperback I’ve been meaning to read forever, I want to download some fanfic (Currently into ATEEZ, NCT, and A.C.E though there aren’t very many writers for that last one.) and I’m also going to try some translations of Chinese BL novels. Advance Bravely is done being translated so there’s that. I always wanted to read the translation to Addicted, and I think that’s done, and a few others. Alix found a web page of popular BL novels, now just to find the translations…who knows, maybe I can catch the next novel to be turned into a BL series before it happens!

As for what to watch, that falls under a few different categories and unfortunately, my options are limited to what I can actually download to my tablet. This means Netflix, Youtube, and whatever shows my coworker and BL buddy has scooped up from whatever nefarious places on the internet he manages to find complete subbed versions on.


VARIETY! Its been a while since I’ve watched variety and there is so much for me to catch up on! There are some A.C.E videos to go through, especially where they talk about taking those personality tests and their profiles. Then, as promised on last week’s Khottie, I’m stocking up on the Seventeen show, Going Seventeen. There are so many seasons/episodes, I wasn’t sure what to pick so I just chose what thumbnail/title looked most interesting. Finally, I grabbed a whole bunch of episodes of the latest Nu’est series. SaraG and I watched the one where they go the river and it was hilarious and I always wanted to back there. I used to really like variety shows for plane rides, while it’s been a couple of years, I’m assuming I haven’t changed that much.

Here is the playlist I’ve created and downloaded:

I’m also going to download some series as there are ones that are on Youtube (legally). These will be primarily BL series. Right now I have History 3: Trapped downloaded to my tablet. Yes, I’ve seen this before, but there are a bunch of shows I want to rewatch and just never either had the time or couldn’t justify the time. And who KNOWS what I’m going to crave while I’m out there? I need to be ready for everything. I think I’m going to poke around to see if I can’t find Why R U, or YDestiny. Maybe 2Gether? That seems like a happy rewatch.


Unfortunately, Viki does not have the download functionality that Youtube or Netflix has so I’m going to have to not continue watching the shows I’m currently watching AND I’ll have to wait on picking up some of the ones I’ve wanted to watch. Why is everything I want to watch on Viki?? Anyway, there are a few I want to watch on Netflix so I’m stocking up on those too. I downloaded all of the series Its Okay Not To Be Okay as this is another one I’ve wanted to watch for a good long while and never had.

I was going to go with Squid Game but I don’t think I want anything that intense while I’m trying to relax and reset my internal well-being. This is also why I didn’t pack any of the shows I was currently watching like Move To Heaven or Strangers From Hell. I did grab a couple of episodes of You Are My Spring, but we’ll see if I actually start watching it. In other ‘I probably won’t watch but I’m going to download it anyway’ is the special episode, Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Will I want to watch historical zombies on my beach vacation? Hmmm…

A few fun lighthearted downloads I’m trying is the movie version of the BL Wish You. I know I’ve seen the show before, but I heard when they put the whole thing together into a movie, they added extra bits which apparently make the romance more believable? I’m in for that. I thought they had some more BL content, but besides GameBoys, I wasn’t able to find them. Bummer.

There’s also a show that’s been on my list for a while that I’ve been tempted with, and it’s called My Dear Warrior and is actually GASP a hetero Thai series.

Here’s the synopsis:

Sky is a beautiful single female astronomer at a planetarium and has received a gift: a thick wooden-covered book and magic pen from Vanda, her aunt who has been taking care of Sky since childhood and is a crazy writer who is suffering from amnesia. Vanda is the author of a cartoon story about a warrior and Sky ends up falling in love with the cartoon character named Hoshi – the handsome hero warrior, who’s intelligent and kind. On the night of Sky’s birthday, she wishes to get love from a man like Hoshi, fulfilled in a prayer. Hoshi and the beautiful princess Luna – Hoshi’s girlfriend – along with the rival Cairo suddenly drop out of a comic book. The story of chaos and romantic love begins. Is love possible between humans and cartoons?


Doesn’t that sound super cute? It has struck my fancy and I’m very tempted to watch. There are a few more I’m toying with, but I’m leery of starting more shows when I have so many open series.

My Lovely Coworker The BL Addict:

He has managed to find so many shows and good quality! So far I’ve nabbed from him We Best Love (I may have already started rewatching that one as the copy he found was even better than what we watched originally), Love By Chance 2, and Max/Tul’s first show Together With Me. He says I absolutely need to see it and I think I may have caved. Or at least caved enough to add it to the tablet.

Anyway… I should be set on content. I SHOULD BE set on content. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not going to work the next 24 hours to add more. You know… just in case.

See you in about a week!

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