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Posted by SaraG on November 11, 2021


While on this site I talk nearly exclusively, as ordered by my boss, about Kpop and related genres of music, I actually spend a bunch of time in my daily life listening to true crime podcasts. And drinking wine. Naturally, I’m a huge fan of the lovely ladies at Wine and Crime who pair a beverage of the week (mostly wines) with the thematic crimes they’ve selected for the episode. In many ways, they get me. So when the latest and greatest popped into my feed, I, of course, was eager to take a listen. But when I saw the title I was simultaneously titillated and concerned. 

Last week?

Kpop Crimes. 

Of course, I want to hear all about what types of background information they include, their impressions of this thing so important to my life, and the cases they chose to highlight – knowing there are really quite a few – many fresh and painful. But I was incredibly nervous as we’ve all been subject to derisive comments about the silliness of the genre, our ages as fans as compared to the average idol’s age, and a million other things that could have been used to make me feel icky. 

Gotta say though, our three co-hosts in no way let me down. They were incredibly respectful to the genre, they recognized the flaws in the factory system while acknowledging the humanity of the artists within, and they honored the fandom for being global, powerful, and varied. Thank God. And while I, as a know-it-all, desperately wanted to correct some facts, add more intel, and maybe tweak some pronunciations (and explain more about soju, to be honest), as a listener, was impressed with their care about something so near and dear. 

So while not a Throwback, and not music, a podcast still goes in your ears and I wanted to recommend this episode to anyone with my shared passions of Korean Entertainment and true crime. They’ve finally gone on a date and it worked out really well.

And they did not exclusively talk about BTS so, bonus. 

Kpop Crimes, Wine and Crime Podcast

And as a heads up, I won’t be putting up posts next week as we are all going on am much-needed vacation. Catch ya later!

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