Musical Monday: Jin’s OST

Posted by Stephanie on November 15, 2021


Hopefully, all is well and I’m sitting on a beach somewhere in Mexico at this exact moment. One of the things I’m pretty bummed about is that, while picking shows to bring along with me, that Viki doesn’t have a feature to allow me to download episodes. I’ve been waiting for a while to watch the series Jirisan and I thought this was my chance, alas, this was not to be. I’m going to have to settle for Jin from BTS’s song for the OST.

Though to be quite honest? I’M NOT WATCHING THE VIDEO. It’s currently playing along without me in the background as I sway in time to this song. Why? Did I ask for three minutes of spoilers? Well, I guess that by clicking on the link I did, but no, not today, I don’t want to have any concept of the show before going in.

Again though, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this lovely song. And it is lovely! I was actually a little surprised, though no more surprised than I was when the news that the show had scored a BTS member for their OST. I’m going to stick by my idea that he’s a fan of the writer and jumped at the chance to be involved.

Also, I’m not certain why what seems like such a high-intensity show that includes wildfires and apparently some sort of murder would have such a dreamy song for its OST. Since it’s my third time listening to the song? I’m not going to complain too much. It makes me all the more determined to watch this show before I either get spoiled or lose interest. I’m fickle, it could be either. Maybe I’ll watch it over the Thanksgiving holiday? A little turkey, a little holiday cheer, a whole lotta park rangers rangering it up on a mountain! Sounds like a good time.

Jin, Yours

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