Khottie of the Week: Seventeen’s Woozi

Posted by Stephanie on November 21, 2021

Khottie of the Week

For those of you saying to yourself “Hey! Wait! Wasn’t Woozi already a Khottie like years ago?” I will say NO, he was actually not a Khottie, made clear by the NOT A Khottie Post title. We previously had a post just appreciating the powerhouse that was Woozi, as, back in the day we had the No Khotties Under 24 rule that we strictly abided by, (we’ve since bumped it to 21). So that post? NOT a Khottie, which means that Woozi? Still up for grabs.

For Khottie, get your brain out of the gutters everyone. 

I’ll admit when I first saw Seventeen perform…

I didn’t care for them.

I’m not going to say I was an Anti… but their early music just didn’t do it for me.

Luckily, we both realized the errors of our ways and grew and changed…

Seventeen growing their music…

And I realized how awesome Seventeen was.

Fair’s Fair.

But even then, I was “Who is that tiny one?”

And why can’t I stop watching him?

Yep, that was Woozi.

And from there a fandom for him was born.

I’ve kept my eye out for him all these years.

Its been hard not to.

Though small in stature, Woozi is the force behind Seventeen.

And all watch out for those who cross him.


He writes and produces a lot of their music.

Woozi, Woozi, Woozi.

The last few years he’s also become a bit of a gym rat.

Bulking up all muscle-wise.

His neck is HUGE.

I mean, in a good way.

I love the snark.

The attitude.

The talent.

When BigHit bought out Pledis part of me wanted to think it was for Woozi.

Get someone as talented as that behind the scenes on their team.

Woozi might be an idol now, but you can see him just building and working his craft.

I can totally see him doing his time in an idol group before going off and moving into just producing and writing.

When people wondered when his solo mixtape would be out after other members had theirs…

He was all “Nah, I’d rather just help them with theirs.”

Now that’s the man of power behind the scenes.

And that’s what, even from the beginning, has had me all swoony about Woozi.

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