Musical Monday – What We’re All Made Of

Posted by SaraG on November 22, 2021


Annnnnd…we’re back from a quick trip to Mexico. The excursion was a totally new experience for all of us. We’ve done countless trips around the globe in a myriad of different fashions, but this was the first time at an all-inclusive resort. I really really wanted to try it as a different kind of vacation and most notably, as one where I would have to make very few decisions. About anything. I’m drained both physically and mentally and the twists and tricks keep coming.

Music helps. Music always helps if you feed it like a craving. An apt metaphor being when your body craves a certain kind of food it means you need a specific nutrient. It’s the same with music. When your heart longs for that certain genre or voice or song, you need that thing that it’s giving you. 

This week I’ve been all up in a couple of different artists’ business…listening to everything they’ve put out since the dawn of time and it’s been like a balm. I know the same has been true for other folks that I run with. Alix in particular has been all about the girl power provided to us by Somi’s XOXO. It’s a great song that feeds the rage so many of us feel in the aftermath of something we wanted so badly that gets ruthlessly destroyed through no fault of our own…not that we identify with that or anything. It’s a revenge song. It’s an anger song. It’s an empowerment song. I get it.

But when I’m feeling powerless, I often lean into an emotional ballad. I don’t cry very easily and sometimes, knowing it’s cathartic, I need a certain voice to push me over the edge. Younha has one of those voices and a specific aesthetic that feeds this for me and right on time, she released her sixth album, End Theory. The song Stardust is a gloriously sweeping track full of longing and wistfulness. It makes me ache. The strings and the backing vocals mix to make this perfect cinematic moment of loss and fulfillment that only a  good song can truly capture. I love it so much. 

Stardust, Younha

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