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Posted by Stephanie on November 23, 2021


Well, there WAS a plan to keep you populated with posts while I was away but silly Val and I didn’t think to check that her IP address hadn’t changed, locking her out of the site dashboard. Whoops. Sorry Val, thanks for the effort though! I’m sure we’ll be seeing those posts she worked on sometime soon. One of the funniest things about my vacation was the messages I received from her about how hard Khottie is to write. Totally agree! People think it’s easy but, turns out, not so much.

I had all these plans for vacation, all the things that I was going to watch and do. Some of them I accomplished and some of them I did not. Here’s some of the content I did work my way through, the results show if you will. Turns out, at the resort we were at while my attention span was short, the wifi was strong, so what I managed to accomplish didn’t actually meet my original expectations.

After a conversation with Alix and SaraG regarding good Seventeen fics, I was reminded about an author I used to like who wrote primarily Woozi/S.Coups pairings and after tons of content that I loved, shut their A03 account down, deleting all their work. This reminded me of a rule I learned the hard way, ALWAYS DOWNLOAD YOUR FAVORITE FICS. While an important rule, it’s not one I manage to abide by so, I took some quality time and downloaded as many stories as I could from one of my new favorite writers, check out AerClassicif you like ATEEZ fic.

On top of that, I did manage to actually watch a fair amount of things. I am happy to say that We Best Love season two, Fighting Mr Second holds up. It holds up to a first rewatch and then to a second Drunken Stephanie watch where I was absolutely certain my hangover was COVID and not my new favorite drink, Vodka Orange. (Whooops.) I just like this show so much, the acting, the pacing, it just has so many feelings, all of which speak to me, so I’ll probably watch it again before long.

A surprise last-minute add-on to the youtube downloads was a Vietnamese show called My Boss. Turns out, its a show but told via text message, so it’s more like a live-action texting fanfic? Was it good? No-ho-ho! Could I stop watching? That would also be a negative. I felt for sure someone would eventually unveil an actor, or move away from texting, and yet they never did. It was weird and probably one of the most unnecessary BLs I’ve ever seen. (And again, I finished the whole 30 episode thing! I’m such a weirdo.

A much better show and one I did actually intend on watching was Kingdom: Ashin of the North! Not only did it happen, but I watched this zombie torture fic on the plane. YIKES to anyone looking over my shoulder! I want to say I really liked it buttttt…. it was all this awful, terrible thing upon terrible thing that happened to this girl, until the last 15ish minutes, when everything came together. It makes everything make horrible sense and while I feel bad for her and eventually cheered her revenge, it makes you wonder what sort of a terrible person I am for doing so. The story is a bit of a how it all began and wraps up at the start of the original series. I would actually be interested to see a season three for Kingdom to see how they put together these two stories, all of these characters who were affected by what Ashin started, but something tells me that this may never actually happen.

I did start the series My Dear Warrior, actually got like 4 episodes in. It’s cute, but I’m not certain how it’s going to figure out how to have these two characters be together in the end. She likes him, you can tell, but he is clearly written (as he does come literally from the pages of a manga) to love the girl in his story. She is a cool spunky character who I really do like and would like to see her in a full series, maybe just not this one….possibly because the hero spends his time wandering around looking wide-eyed and confused, pining for some other girl.

Another surprise to the list, I started watching a Chinese series called Medical Examiner: Dr Qin. It’s about, get this, a medical examiner named Dr Qin. LAUGH. He also has a police detective sidekick who is played by the guy from Go Go Squid (who I adore) and has a new female medical examiner partner who he instantly dislikes but she is another strong, independent, super smart, and witty character who is not going to let anyone give her crap because she is a woman. This is what I’m going to get back to as soon as I’m done with my tasks for the night. Since I haven’t talked about this show before, here is the synopsis:

No one can stand working with him but he gets the job done. Qin Ming (Zhang Ruo Yun) is an eccentric medical examiner who has an unusual way of doing things. He goes through a string of assistants who can’t stand to work for him.

When Ming is given a new assistant with Li Da Bao (Jiao Jun Yan), he figures it’s only a matter of time before she too quits on him. But Da Bao proves herself to be made for the job, unfazed by the gruesome aspects of her work and able to discern the smallest details that help in investigating a crime.

With Da Bao and police detective Lin Tao (Li Xian) working with him, Ming is able to crack even the most mysterious crime cases with his thorough examinations. Will a case be too difficult for this ace team to handle?

Finally, I did actually catch up on some variety as I’d hoped. Unfortunately, I realized on the plane that the A.C.E episodes were not actually subbed into English and, as much as I love them, I’m not going to sit there just watching them talk for a half-hour. I have DIGNITY. Not much, but enough to stop me from doing this. I did however watch a bunch of Going Seventeen and let me tell you, this show is HILARIOUS. I watched a bunch of it on the plane and couldn’t stop laughing out loud. Yep, I was that person. I didn’t even care about what the dumb challenges were, it’s just the interaction of all of them together that made me happy. I’m definitely going to attempt to make some time to go back to watch more episodes. Who can resist a light switch of happy?

Anyway, while I didn’t get as much as I wanted done, I’m trying really hard to as Alix says “Stop Shoulding” on yourself. Stoping from feeling guilty about what I do or don’t watch, what I do or don’t get to. It’s hard. Much harder than one would think. But, I watched some stuff. I read some stuff. I thought about a fic I want to write. I drank copious amounts of alcohol. I made some upcoming life decisions. All in all, it was a successful time away… can’t wait for the next one 😉

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