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Posted by Stephanie on November 24, 2021

BL/ Casting News

I had heard rumbles for a little while. Reddit articles. Rumors. Innuendo. I’d reasoned it out in my head that no, it couldn’t be true. Logic made the rumors go away in my head. But then it happened. The best day ever. It was confirmed that Park Junhee, otherwise known as Jun, leader of my current heart of my hearts, A.C.E, has a lead role in, get this, a BL.

GAAAAAHHHH!!!!! There was, for real, screeching and arm flapping happening. I know for a fact I embarrassed Alix, but guess what, I don’t care. JUN IS GOING TO BE IN A BL.

This entire post might just be squealing from me, and you know what? That’s okay. You’ve been forwarned. If you follow this site at all, you know I love A.C.E. I love Junhee. (I mean, even the name is amazing…. Junheeeee) And I LOVE BL. The idea that there is a world where all of these factors come together? It blows my mind.

Now it was a while back that friend Leila sent me a link to a reddit article where he’d been pictured with the stars of an upcoming BL, which stirred up rumors of his involvement in the show, but, after watching Light On Me it dawned on me, A.C.E did the theme song for the BL, he was probably just doing something like that again. Or that’s what I convinced myself.

Nope, he’s going to be a main character in the upcoming show Tinted With You, a romantic fantasy between two men who met through a painting that is coming out December 23rd. Can we say CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR STEPHANIE??? He’s third on the list of characters so I do not believe he’s a member of the main couple, but hey, he’s one of my favorite idols cast in my favorite genre of tv. It warms my heart.

To be completely honest though, it also makes my heart a little sad as they seem to be casting actors from the much smaller groups for the Korean BLs, and I hate the idea that A.C.E is so small, they are getting cast as a side character in a BL series. In my brain, A.C.E is huge and deserves all the big shows, the big accolades. Even before this, after seeing Jun in the sad fan video last year, I knew he could act I KNEW IT, if only someone would give him a chance to try something that wasn’t slapstick. I really hope this is the venue for that. That this can be a launching pad for more acting jobs.

I feel a little bad for Alix who is going to have to watch this show with me. It’s going to be nothing but a lot of sighing and hand waving whenever he comes on screen… if they let him be dramatic… if they just go slapstick? While I want to say I’ll be just as happy, poor Alix is going to have to listen to a lot of whining and disgruntled signing. Either way, too bad for her! Yay for me!

Srsly. I can’t tell you the last time I was so excited for a casting.


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