Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Thanks for Listening

Posted by SaraG on November 25, 2021


Many moons ago, Alix and I started listening to a podcast called Kchat Jjigae as a way to feel connected to a larger community of people interested in the same entertainment that we so very much enjoyed. From there, we found the blog and started engaging through comments and eventually, an email letting Stephanie know that we would be at Kcon NY and would love to meet up if she was available…our way of showing appreciation and maybe making a new friend. That fateful first handshake led to lunch, daily and then hourly texts, and eventually to Alix and I writing for the blog on a regular basis. It led to Stephanie moving to Denver, to my future nuptials with KpopontheDL (date as yet to be selected as we have to introduce our husbands first), to Friday night feasts and global travel, countrywide kpop pandemic zoom gatherings, arguments, hurt feelings, and stronger friendships. People being people in a complicated world and sticking together because we are more important than all of that stuff we have to wade through to survive. People with a common interest/obsession creating a community.

One of the things I’ve taken to heart over the last five years of writing for the blog is that I love to share my thoughts and feelings about everything I adore. I have an excruciatingly difficult time not sharing. Musical Mondays and Throwback Thursdays have been a platform from which I could share what I had discovered, enjoyed, enjoyed less, or just plain old wanted to throw out there to into the cosmos. It was an opportunity for this extreme extrovert to yell into the void a little about something I care about. 

As with everyone in the world right now, life and its ups and downs have weighed heavily on me for the last several years. I have a deep well of energy and strength, but life in this current scenario has been a challenge and I need to dial back and take care of my loved ones a little more carefully right now. I need to take the time to enjoy the little things and not worry so much about meeting self-imposed deadlines and responsibilities. And unfortunately, this means re-evaluating my priorities, thinking through my schedule, and paring back. After much discussion with Stephanie, and as she makes decisions about her own time commitments and personal needs, I’m saying goodby to the site and the weekly posts I’ve been pulling together for five years. I’m taking a breather and figuring out how to enjoy things a little more so as to fill up that well of energy and strength again. 

Thank you very much to Stephanie for affording me this platform and letting me do whatever I wanted. Thank you to those that have read and hopefully taken something away from all of these shared words and songs. I know I’ll miss this, but I also know that missing something isn’t a bad thing. 

Last Goodbye, AKMU


  • Reply Stephanie November 26, 2021 at 9:27 am

    Thanks friend, thanks so much for being part of this for so long. I’m glad to have met you.

  • Reply DBChen November 29, 2021 at 7:41 am

    As I tell my kid when she doesn’t want playtime to end: Instead of getting crabby about something ending, think “Wow, I had a great time. This was fun!” and it’ll be a nice memory. So let’s look forward to the next thing.

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