Musical Monday – The Commuting Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 29, 2021


I sit here writing this contemplating my day tomorrow. I think I actually need to go into the office which is a bummer. While I actually love the office, as I love my desk and miss it with the passion 1,000 suns, I never want to go into the office anymore. Why? With so few people going into the office, it has nothing to do with COVID, but instead, it’s that GD rush hour traffic. If I leave later than 7:25am, traffic going in if I attempt to go home at any time before 7PM? Traffic coming home. Denver traffic suuuucks rush hour or no rush hour.

So when Monsta X named their most recent song release Rush Hour? Well, it makes a girl feel a certain way.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a while since I’ve been in love-love with Monsta X. It’s not like we had a falling out, I just drifted away after what had happened with Wonho, but lately, after listening to some of their newer releases on accident? Oooh I’m back and if I do an official top 50 list kpop list of the year? Currently, there are three different Monsta X songs on it. Going by just the music, ooh am I still a fan, which is so nice to know.

I remember seeing some of the photos released before the upcoming album and wowzers, they look goooood. I may or may not have checked Target this weekend to see if they may be selling the new album. Bummer, they are not, so I guess I’ll have to get my fix elsewhere. It’s been a while (beginning 2020?) that I bought my last Monsta X album and I feel like it’s a sign of our reinvigorated relationship that I actually can’t wait to buy this one.

While I don’t super love this song, I do love that it starts out with a strong rap from Joohoney (I’ve come to terms on the name.) It’s not often I feel where we start out a song with the rap line, usually, it’s mixed somewhere in the middle, but with a song named Rush Hour? It seems appropriate to kick it off with so much attitude and hostility. I also find the mix of the western and motocross costuming an interesting mix that seems a fit for the theme. This is me trying to get to work in the morning in a timely fashion — both a race and a wild west showdown of nerves and steel.

Monsta X, Rush Hour

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