Cherry Magic: THE MOVIE

Posted by Stephanie on November 30, 2021


Not certain why I feel to read THE MOVIE in my head like this is a magical, mystical event, like I just pulled this news out of my large black hat… (though it does feel like the news came out of nowhere). It could be influenced by the full title of the original series, Cherry Magic: Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard!? Which I have always read in my head like “You’re a wizard Harry.” Which just adds a whole second layer to the fun.

Anyway, Cherry Magic: The Movie!?

First off, if you’re not certain what Cherry Magic: Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard!? is and why I’m excited about this news… It is a Japanese BL from the end of 2021. Alix and I started watching it during BL and Bubbles, knew right away our friend SaraG would love it, and stopped watching in order for the show to complete, and us to be able to watch it all together in one go. Which we did, New Years Day. Awww yay, memories.

I’m happy to say we liked the show just as much as we had originally anticipated. The long name pretty much sums up the story, a sad, awkward office worker turns thirty and suddenly hears the thoughts of people around him when he touches them. Surprise, Surprise, with this new power comes the realization that the dreamy hotshot sales guy, the one that all the women swoon over and all the men want to be, has a massive crush on him.

The show is adorable and we were able to eat it all in one go, happy to see our couple together and magic powerless 😉 by the end of the series. I keep meaning to go back and rewatch it, but I haven’t made the time. Perhaps that will be my Christmas show? (Though Jirisan is still out there, unwatched.)

When I heard the news that they were making a Cherry Magic Movie, I brushed the news aside with a shrug and moved on. Why was I not excited? This actually happens all the time in Korean BLs. They take the existing content (handily in bite-sized pieces) and mushes them together in a movie format. (Funny story, this was how my dear friend and coworker started watching BL because he HATES episodic tv. He’d run them through a program that would mush all the episodes together, taking out the beginning and end of each episode. Luckily, he’s grown and changed since then and now embraces the episodes.) Though people have said that they add little scenes that were cut out of the series, I’ve never watched one of the movies before. Why? There are so many new series to watch.

HOWEVER. The news came out that this is actually NOT a mashup of all the episodes but a free-standing movie that features the two couples a year later. Now, THIS is something that I can and have gotten excited about. I really, really, hope its just an hour and a half of them being cute together. Something tells me it’s not, and besides the news that it’s a year later, there isn’t much info out about the movie yet.

Self-reflecting a bit…yep, I’m VERY excited about this movie. Cherry Magic was one of my favorite shows last year and if I were to create a top ten BL list (which I may or may not be currently working on) it would totally reside there.

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