Merry Christmas – From Stray Kids

Posted by Stephanie on December 2, 2021


I try to really like like Kpop Christmas songs and, while some of them are very pretty songs, that’s just what they are, Kpop songs. There’s no real connection between them and the holiday for me…probably due to that language barrier. This is why when I think Christmas music, I do it old-school.

Of course, Stray Kids may have slightly altered that with their newest Christmas release, which is DELIGHTFUL.

The one in particular that’s unapologetically Christmas is Christmas EveL. I actually didn’t even know they had a new release until I was scrolling through Instagram Reels and heard the very deep FELICE NAVIDAD. I instantly stopped my scrolling. Wait. I know that voice, I thought to myself. That’s FELIX. There is no mistaking his go deep. I had to go out and find out what it was from. Then I learned, not only did they have a Christmas song, they literally had a Christmas album that was released this month. Not only that, but there was a VIDEO to go along with it.

It’s just as epicly fun and weird as you’d hope.

My favorite part is still the super deep Felix parts, but that’s no surprise considering he’s my favorite part of most Stray Kid’s songs.

They also have a video for one of the other songs on the album, this one being one of the classic Kpop Christmas songs to me, very pretty but if I watch without looking at the lyrics, it won’t catch me as a Christmas song.

Oh, and looking around, it appears that I missed that there were actually THREE videos for this release! Way to be on the ball, Stephanie! Yeesh. (Though I don’t think this is the full song.)

The last couple of years, my friend LizC and I have had a delightful tradition where we go out and drive the neighborhoods scoping out people’s Christmas lights. Last year, trying to make the best out of a very Covid Christmas, we did it up right, I decorated the car with tinsel and ornaments, we put on Christmas musics, wore our holiday-themed masks, and drove all around Denver and its surrounding parts. It’s a lovely tradition we plan on doing again this year, and I can see some of these Stray Kids songs fitting on the playlist nicely.

Thanks for the present, boys.


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