Khottie of the Week: WayV’s XiaoJun

Posted by Stephanie on December 5, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Only 4 Khotties left! Time to start planning strategically. Who to choose? Finish groups? Just do theme posts? Highlight my favorites? This week’s Khottie was brought to us by my current dilemma. Do I or do I not buy this year’s WayV Season’s Greetings??? Last year was the first year I ever broke down and purchased a Season’s Greetings which, for those of you new on the Kpop scene is a collection of various merch put out by groups at the end of the year. Usually, they contain things like photo cards, stickers, calendars, day planners, and photo books. What is contained inside depends on the group and their theme for the year. Not every group put them out every year and not a ton are produced so if you want one, buy it now. (Says the girl who had to scramble for last year’s A.C.E Season’s Greetings.) This year I’m going to buy the A.C.E one again (it will be the last one they put out as a whole group for a while), and I’m seriously contemplating WayV’s. Why? They went with a pilot theme and for some reason, that’s just doing something to me. But Season’s greetings are pricy so I keep putting the WayV one in my cart and taking it out again.

So it seemed only appropriate that this week’s Khottie be one of the members of WayV, XiaoJun.

I should probably put this out there.

I’m still learning the members of WayV.

I haven’t had a Kpop school so its just me pecking around photos going… is this XiaoJun?

Or is this Hendery?

I tried to trust in his distinctive brows…

But after watching a “WayV Goes Glamping” episode of their variety show on Youtube, I realize… most of them have very distinctive brows.

So I can guarantee none of these are Ten…

Nor Lucas…

Or possibly not YangYang…

But otherwise, feel free to yell at me at the comments.

And I’ll promptly put the blame where it belongs.

On the brows.

I will say I love the name Xiaojun.

It rolls nicely.

Xiaojun of WayV.

Or Xiaojun of NCT.

I heard that SM is doing another big NCT release either this year or the beginning of next.

I want to say that they just had one…

but turns out that was a whole year ago!

In the terms of Kpop that’s like a decade!

I’m hoping that SM does another end-of-the-year concert.

Last year’s was not only weirdly free…

But was so much fun!

Probably one of the best online concerts I’d ‘been to’.

So much so that if they do it again and charge for it?

I’d pay.

However, the jury is still out if I’ll pay for two Season’s Greetings.




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