Musical Monday: Bonding With Gaho

Posted by Stephanie on December 6, 2021


There is no secret what happens when I fall in love with a new song. I find it. Gasp. And then proceed to put it on repeat for days. (And days and days.) Then I tell everyone I know about it.

I found Gaho’s new song, Right Now, I listened to it over and over again, and now I’m telling everyone (you guys) all about it.

I fell in love with Gaho later in the came. He is an artist on the Planetarium label and this was the last concert I traveled to before lockdown. So yes, the last time I traveled for a concert was Chicago, October 2019. Yeeesh. I joined Emma who lives in Chicago and Leila who also flew in, to see the concert at a very small venue. I was there to see another artist named Villian. What I didn’t know was that I’d come out of the show going “Bah Villian, Swoon Gaho.”

He sings these epic songs that just get you right in the gut and Right Now is a perfect example. I heard it and was instantly hooked. The song starts slow and then builds and builds into perfection. While his new album Fireworks is filled with a lot of good songs, this is the one that got me. I am very glad I found Gaho. I’m very glad that Lelia and I now share this musical favorite and a special memory. And I’m exceptionally glad to now share him with you. Feel free to listen, swoon, repeat and spread the word.

Gaho, Right Now

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