BL and Bubbles: The Final Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 7, 2021


This is the last BL and Bubbles Calendar update post! I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for well over a year now. It really did begin as a way for me to keep up with all the new BLs that were coming out. There was a while there where at least 10 shows were coming out at a time. Watching once a week made it hard to keep up, or to know what to watch next once we were done with whatever we were watching. What should we watch next? Well, let’s check the calendar. Handy.

This post is going to follow the recent trend of, unfortunately, not having a lot of new titles listed. I’ve been concerned but had to tell myself that just because there are only a few new shows premiering a month, it doesn’t mean that BL is stopping, no, every day there is news about upcoming shows (next year is going to be big) and three or four new shows a month? That’s still a lot of content to keep up with!

Usually, you’d see a list of shows we were currently watching or have recently finished but November was a crazy month with vacationing holidays, and visitors/visiting. I’m hoping to catch up on shows and start new ones soon!

Nov 24th

Baker Boys (12 Eps)
Punn is the handsome owner of a popular bakery and the son of a billionaire. One of the reasons for his success is Weir, nicknamed the ‘God of Pastry’. It’s due to his skills that women from all over keep visiting his store, even if Weir isn’t very interested.

Krathing works under Weir as an apprentice and general store employee. Lastly, there is also Pooh; he is Punn’s personal bodyguard and works as a waiter, but he’s not very good at it.

Still, everyone has their secrets. What will the reporter, Monet, uncover when she digs deeper into their mysteries? Why do these children keep disappearing from this shop? Who did it?

Will I Watch? This will be an interesting watch (so yes we will watch) technically the movie/manga its based on isn’t a full BL. There’s a gay character, but its mostly a side storyline. Since this is a Thai remake I have high hopes. 


Tinted With You (8 Eps)

In Korea’s feudal past, the deposed Crown Prince Lee Heon has been forced into a lonely exile by his cruel older brother, who has usurped the throne. Lee Heon fears for his life at every moment, as his brother plans to secure his place on the royal seat by killing him. Assassins and other schemes are a constant threat for Lee Heon, whose only true ally is his faithful and kind-hearted bodyguard Geum. Meanwhile, in modern times, a high school student named Eun Ho loves paintings. In fact, art is his whole world. And when he is tasked with completing a mysterious painting, he is unexpectedly drawn back into the distant past, where he meets Lee Heon. The duo starts to form a close, romantic, and tender bond. But as the acting king grows restless, hoping to kill the exiled Crown Prince as soon as possible, Eun Ho begins to understand that he may be Lee Heon’s best – or perhaps only – chance of survival…

Will I… HELLS YES I’M GOING TO WATCH! This is Park Junhee in a fucking BL. I’m counting down the days.

Nov 28th

Mr. Cinderella (8 Eps)
Follows the story of Dung, who often called Khoa “his Cinderella” when they are young but he losses contact with her (he thought Khoa is a girl). A few years later, Dung worked in a small restaurant and was later fired. An incident happened but luckily saved by a doctor. Later, he found out the one who save him was “his Cinderella” that he likes.

Will I Watch? While Vietnamese BLs are usually… how do I want to say this? Not very good. I oddly really enjoy them so if I can get my hands on it, yep, I’ll watch. 


(Don’t worry this won’t be my last BL post as I already have a bunch of BL wrap up posts written to be published through the month.)

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